Surgery of the brain

Modern surgery is experiencing a period of rapid development. It has reached such a great success that is still relatively recently - 20-30 years ago - they could not even foreseeable. She "won" the areas of the human body that were not previously available for surgical intervention. On the map of modern surgery, hardly one of the "white spots", there were no "corner" in the body of the patient, which could not penetrate the surgeon's scalpel. This means that an increasing number of diseases deregistered incurable and turns into a disease that may efficient surgical treatment.
For a long time - a few decades ago - from General surgery stood out operative obstetrics and gynecology, surgical treatment of diseases of ear, throat and nose, eye diseases. Later emerged as an independent branch of surgery diseases of extremities (orthopedics), surgical treatment of various injuries (trauma), endocrine glands (surgical endocrinology), maxillofacial surgery, plastic and reconstructive surgery, etc.
In recent years, rapidly and fruitfully another important area - breast-or thoracic surgery - the science about surgical treatment of diseases of the thoracic cavity organs: the heart and major blood vessels, lungs, esophagus and mediastinum.
The word "surgery" it is clear to all. And what neurosurgery? As the name suggests, this science develops the problem of surgical treatment of various diseases of the nervous system: brain, spinal cord, autonomic and peripheral nerves.

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