Carnivora - squad mammals, brings together diverse in size and appearance of animals, mostly carnivorous. In the fauna of the USSR there are 44 species, belonging to 6 families - Martens, raccoons, bears, dogs, hyenas and cats.
Predatory play a significant role in human life: among them there are many valuable fur animals, the importance of eating species of rodent carriers of pathogenic microorganisms and pests of agriculture. Predator known as the main sources of infection of human and animal diseases, transmitted by the bite (rabies) or at eating one animal by another (helminthiasis - trichinosis, opisthorchiasis, difillobotrioz, echinococcosis). Predatory play an important role in the supporting of these diseases. In some cases predatory can play an indirect role in the centers, mechanical spreading of pathogens (e.g. anthrax spores) or infected vectors (such as fleas in the foci of plague).