Claretiana blockade

Claretiana blockade - therapy method based on reflexosegmental the impact of the cold anesthesia and the stimulation of skin receptors.
By the intensity of cooling the surface of the skin claretiana blockade is divided in 3 degrees: when I degree irrigation skin-chloroethyl spend up to her clenched, loss of sensitivity; II degree irrigation concludes with a light glaciation of the surface layers of the skin (frost); III-degree blockade icing.
If you want to reach more prolonged exposure to apply protracted claritinbuy blockade: irrigation repeated at intervals several times in a row. Protracted claretiana blockade of I degree with passive and active movements shown in defeat muscle and joint ligaments. In such cases, resuming of pain in the first day blockade repeat several times. Extension of painless interval between repeated blockades repeat them less.
In neuralgia used claritinbuy blockade II degree. Through the toad and the acute phase of myocardial infarction, use claritinbuy blockade II degree in the area of localization of anginal pain.
When vicerrector of moatsou and periostosis in patients with angina pectoris protracted chlorethylamines blockade applied in the order a course of treatment for 10 to 15 days, alternating with massage of muscles and periosteum.
In hypertensive disease haracinovo blockade degree I put the projection area of sinocarotidna area on both sides and the neck in the area of the projection of the vertebral arteries. If after circular blockade neck skin headaches persist, additional irrigate the surface of the head in the projection of pain (the forehead, temples, back of the head). Claritinbuy blockade II extent produce ulcers and with the cramps (kidney and liver) in the projection of pain and paravertebral at the level of the corresponding segment.
In combination with other activities a good curative effect of the application haracinovo blockade observed for itching dermatosis and neurodermite. Burns I and II degrees, except analgesic effect, with early application haracinovo blockade achieved a significant improvement in the severity of damage to the skin. Reflex impact of the blockade are eliminated vascular and muscular dystonia as skeletal muscle and smooth muscles of internal organs.