I want to have a friend!

Adolescence is the time of great passion, dreams about a friend, it is time, perhaps, the brightest experiences and hopes. Teenagers want to talk to each other, but meeting indifference, confusion and even prohibition of adults begin to hide, to get their way, to make unworthy actions. Even when they are in favour of their friendship they tend not to talk about it, much to hide from parents. Such behavior they see almost a special heroism, pointing to independence, the "maturity". Interest in peer other sex boys and girls appears somewhat different.
Teenage girls, developing faster than boys become Flirty, lively, they often start to talk about boys, but try not to show your interest to others. Adolescent boys, being interested in girls, demonstrate greater modesty, shyness and even fear to have one or the other sign of attention. Sometimes true feelings are carefully camouflaged from the ridicule of others rough antics, cheeky attitude to the favourite girl.
About his first experiences of adolescents are afraid to speak and friends, parents, teachers: "maybe I will laugh?" And they are right - isn't it so happens: "This is what, ' says with a grin mother, looking out the window, " your knight? I do not Serenade does he sing going? No sooner do you grooms to start.., we are in your time...".
And went to grow boring and not quite comprehensible to present guys the story, "as it was". Yes, and I'm sure if the mother that was better? But the daughter is, of course, worse.
So the parents keep kids from themselves, contribute to the development of isolation, and without that stand at this age.
Mocking and dismissive attitude of adults generates, unfortunately, not only the alienation and isolation of adolescents. This attitude sometimes causes serious mental trauma that inexperienced, fragile, vulnerable adolescent is not able to survive.
Requires great patience, great tact and, of course, with great restraint.
If you love your child, like wise, serious, patiently, trying to understand everything and to help delicately, without rudeness and imposing their decisions.
Take care of teenagers, do not leave them without your warmth and care, protect them in this most difficult time of life.