Homeopathy - a kind of pharmacotherapeutic system proposed by Hahnemann in the late 18th century.
Hahnemann argued that the disease could be cured by the application of medicinal substance, which may cause another nevozmojno similar artificial disease. First Hahnemann used for therapeutic purposes large doses (for example, almost 10 mg of arsenic per reception). Subsequently he moved to such a drastic decrease the dosage by serial dilution, when in the solution are only elusive traces the beginning of the current (for example, one Detelina part drops the source of juice). Pharmacology in homeopathy is replaced by the so-called pathogenesis of drugs. While homeopathy rejects experiments on animals. It pharmaco-dynamic concept is based on random observations poisoning or experiments that had healthy people; considered not objective manifestations, but only subjective sensations. Therefore, the "pathogenesis of medicines" modern homeopathy is set unchecked observations with unsubstantiated claims, often market order ("Pavlov", "under nervism"). Homeopathy at the time of Hahnemann was opposed to the so-called allopathy (treatment opposite). This term cannot be applied to modern scientific medicine, not following this principle in the treatment of diseases. The main argument for the existence of homeopathy believe that a relatively large number of patients seeking treatment homoeopathy. The effectiveness of homeopathic remedies are mainly based on psychotherapy. By itself psychotherapy is regarded scientific medicine as an important method of treatment, but psychotherapy achieved through homeopathic remedies, often fraught with harm for the patient: often followed by improvement deterioration irreversible due to the fact that the time for evidence-based therapy missed.
The scientific medicine from the time of Hahnemann was a great and effective way, particularly in the areas of prevention and therapy. Open and widely used vaccines, sulfa drugs, antibiotics, anticoagulants, hormones, psychopharmaceuticals, etc. For the same period of homeopathy did not make a single step forward. Homeopaths ignore these achievements, continuing to insist on the dogma of the "hair of the dog", and to counter the progress of experimental pharmacology all the same "pathogenesis of medicines". Homeopathy is now an anachronism.