Chondromatosis joints

Chondromatosis joints (gr. chondros - cartilage) - long-progressive disease of unknown etiology, which consists in cartilage formation of multiple nodes within the synovial membrane of the articular capsule.
Usually attacked one of the large joints (elbow, knee, hip, shoulder, very rare wrist and ankle).
Defeat two joints is extremely rare.
Chondromatosis joints is more common in men, predominantly in middle and old age.
The clinical picture of the pathological process is determined by the degree of its development and arising out of its complications. Cartilage hosts can have the size from a few millimeters to several centimeters, and their number varies from a few private entities to several dozens. Jutting out into the joint cavity cartilage site gradually becomes associated with the inner surface of the articular capsule only a narrow foot and even gets off the bag, turning into a "joint mouse". When you have a lot of cartilage nodes or in the formation sites of large sizes appear moderate pain, occurs crunch and limited mobility of limbs in the affected joint, swelling, and the formation of a "joint mouse - infringement. Constantly accompanying chondromatosis joints complication is deforming osteoarthrosis. Chondromatosis joints is not malignant.
X-ray detection chondromatosis joints possible with calcification cartilage nodes, which is performed from the surface, why the shadow of the nodes have a greater intensity on the periphery, and sometimes even a well-defined koltsegvetesi (Fig., 1 and 2). When large neobyzantine (therefore indistinguishable on radiographs) of the cartilage nodes of the hip joint can occur thinning the neck of the femur due to prolonged pressure and the formation of smooth grooves on the surface of the cervix (Fig., 3).
Surgical treatment. Evidence - sharp significant disfigurement and limited function of joints.

Chondromatosis: 1 and 2 of the knee joint (7 - front, 2 - side); multiple calcified cartilage nodes located respectively inversions bag replacement; 3 - hondamatic hip joint. Thinning neck of the femur.