barley eye photoBarley eye (hordeolum) - acute purulent inflammation of the sebaceous glands century, located at the base of the eyelashes.
Barley caused by infection pyogenic microorganisms. At the beginning of the disease on the edge of the century is felt sore point, then appears reddish restricted swelling, redness and swelling of the eyelid skin. After 2-3 days occurs yellowish point - ulcer, the opening of which from the hole pus. After 3-4 days on top of barley produced yellowish point, at the opening of a pus and pieces of necrotic tissue. The disease is accompanied by pain in the century, headache, and sometimes fever. Barley is often recurs, occasionally can cause cellulitis sockets, meningitis, septicemia, which occurs most often in the extrusion of pus from barley.
Similar clinical picture can be observed when purulent inflammation meibomian gland - Maronite, but when it inflammation develops less acute, opening the abscess occurs not at the edge of the century, and of the conjunctiva. Barley may, though very rarely, causing development of orbital phlegmon, cavernous sinus thrombosis, meningitis and septicemia, which is usually connected with the extrusion of pus from barley. Some patients (especially diabetes) styes prone to relapses.
Treatment. In the beginning of barley sometimes 2-3 times lubrication 70% alcohol or 1% alcohol solution brilliant green edges century in place, painful point. Shown dry heat, UHF; eyelids grease 30% sulfatsil-sodium ointment, 1 % white or yellow mercury ointment; for ever buried 30% of a solution sulfatsil-sodium. Squeezing pus from barley strictly contraindicated.

The treatment, dry heat, UHF; eyelids grease 1% syntomycin emulsion, 1% tetracycline ointment. If barley is accompanied by fever, appoint sulfanilamidami and antibiotics.