The hospital of the military - medical facility intended for the stationary treatment of the servicemen. There are hospitals permanent and temporary. Permanent hospitals are intended for treatment of military personnel personnel of the Soviet Army and members of their families in peacetime. These hospitals are divided into garrison, district and Central. Organizationally and structurally, they have no fundamental differences from General hospitals (see).
Temporary hospitals are formed in wartime, in quantities that depend on the needs of the army. These hospitals are divided into evacuation (EG) and field mobile (BCPs). Such hospitals, unlike hospitals in peacetime, combine medical and evacuation functions, because they are the stages of medical evacuation in the system of medical-evacuation support (see) troops, i.e. they carry out reception, treatment and further evacuation of the wounded and shocked. The structure of their subjected to these functions; they deploy the following functional units: receiving and sorting, Playground for special treatment of persons infected PB, persistent S or biological weapons; division for assistance (transaction, dressings, resuscitation, treatment), hospital, emergency Department, insulators and other (see Step medical evacuation).
EH in the years of the great Patriotic war have the capacity from 200 to 2,000 beds and was intended primarily to be deployed in the front, rear or in the interior of the country. EH not have your own transport and transported mainly by rail, waterways or on a dedicated vehicles. They are deployed and groups concerned with the purpose of providing coming to this group of hospitals of all types of specialized medical aid. To do this in this group are the following profiles hospitals: neurosurgery, thoraco-abdominal, hip joints, the treatment of the wounded in the legs, burn, therapeutic, neurological, infectious and other
The group AG also includes sorting hospitals deployed on railway, water or air routes with the task of receiving, medical sorting, distribution arriving struck between specialized hospitals of this group and the organization of their evacuation (see Sorting medical).
BCPs have our own vehicles and camping Fund that generates high maneuverability and the ability to deploy in any conditions.
BCPs are divided into the following main types: surgical(HPG), therapeutic (TPG), neurological (NPG), infectious (IPPG). In turn JPG give emphasis in type EG for specialized assistance. A special place among the hospitals of this type are hospitals to easily wounded (GLR), intended for final treatment is easily affected patients and short-term cure.
The activities of nurses in hospitals has no particular specificity compared with hospitals. However, various types of martial defeats the care of injured has several distinctions, which is why the nurses should know the features of military defeats.