How to stop snoring

The material tells how to treat unwanted snoring and what effects could, if you will throw this issue.

The problem of snoring experienced in his life, almost everyone - snoring can you, yourself, and your loved ones and relatives. Snoring is often jokes and funny stories, but the person who has this problem, no laughing. According to recent research of the American scientists about 45 percent of adults snore occasionally, and in 25 % of people snore has already become chronic. In General snoring is dangerous because it is a harbinger of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) or, simply, the disease when during sleep may stop breathing.

So, snoring people really are at risk, because the dream such people are restless, superficial; they always Wake up from what they were breathtaking. From here can appear as headaches, and memory loss may develop hypertension, stroke, heart attack and other serious diseases. The problem of snoring, you must fight just as soon as she appears, and the faster you will cope with this disease, the better, as a light form of snoring cure is a snap.

Consider the most effective and proven methods of getting rid of snoring at home.

First of all, you need to try to radically change their way of life: you need to get rid of harmful habits such as Smoking and alcohol use. Smoking, as a rule, increases the snoring, because smokers are frequent chronic diseases of the throat. If you do not yet have quit Smoking, it is recommended not to smoke at least 2-3 hours before bedtime. Alcohol is also known that they are able to relax the muscles of the pharynx (hence the strengthening of snoring. Also I advise you not to abuse of various drugs means - they also help relax the muscles of the pharynx and the emergence of snoring. Generally drink alcohol should at least 4 hours before bedtime, then you will not snore, and of course it is better to completely abandon alcohol.
Another bad habit is overeating - it is inherent in many people. The consequence of overeating often becomes obesity, which in most cases leads to snoring. People, suffering from obesity, the neck is always solid and thick - and it becomes the cause of snoring. Enough to lose only 10 % of its weight, and you will see positive results in the anti snoring.

Snoring usually occurs when the soft palate, the tonsils, the language and the muscles of the back walls of the larynx RUB against each other, thus producing vibrant sound in the period of sleep. People snore, mostly lying on his back, so posture during sleep should change: try to only sleep on his side. Alternatively, it is also recommended to raise the headboard at least 10 cm, simply put a mattress in the place where the head is any rollers.

Often the cause of snoring becomes stuffy nose. In this case effective is to use a special nasal patches that facilitate breathing at night. Very useful will also carry out different inhalations, i.e. regularly at bedtime to breathe over warm steam. But from such procedures will be effective only if the cause of snoring is stuffy nose.
As mentioned above, snoring often occurs when a person is relaxed muscles of the soft palate is usually at the full of people, and after taking on the night of alcohol or sleeping pills drug. So, to get rid of snoring, in this case enough to strengthen these muscles.
Very effective is the following exercise: pronounce the sound "And"very severely straining muscles of the pharynx, the soft palate, and partially the neck muscles. Language, you should try to pull its basis - that is, you should have something between a sound "And" and the urge to gag. To perform this exercise you need every morning and every evening at least 25-30 times. The main thing here is not as loud as possible to utter a sound, and as much as possible to stretch the muscles - first results already in 2 weeks.

Another simple but very effective exercise - to loll out and stretch it as low as possible, while trying to get her tongue chin. In this position the language you want to take at least 30 seconds. The exercise is advised to 30 approaches and also daily - 2-3 times. It strengthens the muscles of the lower jaw, which with age often slides back and cause snoring.

Very popular now and methods of treatment of snoring using traditional medicine. Often for the treatment of snoring use the following recipe: you must take 2-3 cabbage leaf, chop them and add 1 tablespoon of honey. Use this tool in the month immediately before bedtime and the results will not be long in coming.

Folk medicine recommends a daily drink distilled water, which helps the whole of mucus from the body.

Another effective way to get rid of snoring is the use of sea-buckthorn oil, enough to dig in his nose, 1 drop of oil for 4 hours before bedtime and a great effect will be visible after 2-3 weeks.

So, we hope these tips and tricks will be really useful in your anti snoring, many people they have helped. All of these methods are completely safe and effective.