Hyalinosis - a kind of protein malnutrition, which are deposited in the tissues homogeneous, semi-transparent, dense mass - Gelin. Part Galina includes proteins of blood plasma lipids, mucopolysaccharides.
Hyalinosis observed in connective tissue, stroma bodies, in the walls of blood vessels, which leads to compaction. The greatest clinical significance system hyalinosis connective tissue (see, Collagen diseases) and vessels. Local hyalinosis associated with local metabolic disorders in the tissue and is more likely to occur in scars, spinach, chronic inflammation was noted, in large vessels with atherosclerosis, in the centers of ossification tissue tumors or as a physiological age phenomenon in the vessels of the spleen, pancreas, ovaries, mammary gland. The system hyalinosis irreversible. In some cases, local hyalinosis there are phenomena of resorption.