hydradenitis (bitch Tits) photoHydradenitis ("bitch Tits") - purulent inflammation of the sweat glands, usually axillary, much less around the anus, genitals, women in the nipple. Called Staphylococcus. Microbes penetrate into the sweat glands through their excretory ducts or the lymphatic vessels. Predispose to the development Hydradenitis anemia, depletion, diaper rash, sweating, violation of rules of personal hygiene.
Clinically deep in the skin and subcutaneous tissue appears painful small nodule, slowly increasing and reaching the size 2x2 cm, he stands above the skin in the form of sharply painful swelling purple-red color (Fig.). The melting of the infiltrate appears zublena. With the involvement of the few sweat glands develop multiple infiltrates with uneven uneven surface; in introducing melt they merge into a large abscess. Often there is a consecutive defeat many sweat glands, so after breaking or opening one of the abscess next to him, a new. You can defeat both underarm areas simultaneously or sequentially. Often there are relapses of the disease. Complications: lymphangitis (see), lymphadenitis (see), abscess (see).
From furuncle of gidradenit different localization, lack of primary acne pustules and necrotic core.
Treatment: restorative mode, penicillin 100 000 IU 6 times a day, sulfa drugs, autohemotherapy, dry heat, UHF, quartz, rubbing the skin in the area of destruction 2% camphor alcohol or streaks 1% alcohol solution brilliant green. Surgical treatment is indicated in introducing melting inflammatory infiltrate and is in the showdown formed an abscess. The incision can be performed without anesthesia, after the skin - chloroethyl, as the wall of the abscess is usually fine. Further treatment is under the General rules for the treatment of purulent wounds (see the Wound, injury). A careful toilet surrounding skin when the dressings avoid infection neighboring sweat glands. To close the wounds are recommended stickers.
Prevention of gidradenit is to maintain cleanliness of the skin. Persons subject to gidradenit recommend systematically (morning and evening) be cleaned with alcohol or Cologne skin armpits, nourishing diet, iron preparations.