Drugs mercury

In medical practice mercury compounds are used mainly thanks to its antiseptic and diuretic properties. As antiseptics are the following drugs mercury.
Mercury dichloride (Hydrargyrum dichloratum, Hydrargyri dichloridum; synonymous with the mercuric chloride; list). Is used in solutions 1 : 1000-2 : 1000 for disinfection of linen, clothes, washing walls, items of care, disinfection of skin. When working with the drug must be very careful. It should not be allowed contact with mucous membranes. Solutions can be absorbed and cause poisoning.
DIACID (Diocidum; list a) to the drug, consisting of mercury antiseptic (economicoriented, part 1) and cationic soap (pyridinium chloride, 2 parts). The result of this combination of DIACID possesses good washing and antimicrobial properties. Used for washing of the hands of the surgeon before the operation, cold sterilization of surgical instruments, etc., Treatment of skin produce a solution dyazide 1 : 5000 (1 g economicoriented and 2 g pyridinium chloride 15 l of water) for 3-5 minutes, then for 1-2 minutes handle 96% ethyl alcohol. Surgical instruments are first washed, then placed at 5 minutes in a solution of dicida 1 : 1000. The solution add a special drug YEAH (sodium-DICYCLOHEXYL ammonium) against corrosion rate of 1 g on 1 l of a solution of dicida.
Mercury oxycyanide (Hydrargyrum oxycyanatum, Hydrargyri oxycyanidum; list a). Apply solutions 1 : 5000-1: 10 000 for washing with conjunctivitis, gonorrhea, cystitis.
Mercury cyanide (Hydrargyrum cyanatum, Hydrargyri cyanidum; list a). Is used as a disinfectant for washing and rinsing with inflammatory processes in a dilution of 1: 1000; 1 : 2000.
Mercury amidochloride (Hydrargyrum amidatochloratum, Hydrargyri amidochloridum; list B). Used externally in the form of 10% ointment (ointment mercury white - Unguentum Hydrargyri album.). Appointed as an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory agent with piodermii and other skin diseases.
Mercury oxide yellow (Hydrargyrum oxydatumflavuin, Hydrargyrum praecipitatum flavum; list B). Applied in the form of 2% ointment (ointment mercury yellow - Unguentum Нуdrargyri oxydati flavi). Appointed in ophthalmic practice, blepharitis, conjunctivitis, keratitis and in a number of skin diseases: sycosis, seborrhea. When assigning yellow mercury ointment is not recommended at the same time salts of bromine and iodine because of the potential of education in the eye bromide and iodide, mercury, with prijigatm action. Due to irritants there should also be applied simultaneously mercury ointment and Ethylmorphine (dionin).
A number of drugs mercury, previously used for the treatment of syphilis (mercury diode, mercury salicylate, ointment mercury grey), now practically not applied. Lost its value and other widely used drug - monochloride mercury (calomel).
A number of drugs mercury - Mercosul (see), measurements, (see) - used as diuretics.
Mercury and its compounds are highly toxic. Acute mercury poisoning observed ulcerative lesions of the oral cavity and large intestine (salivation and bloody diarrhoea), violations of the kidney (blood, protein in the urine, oliguria) and disorder of the nervous activity (paralysis). On the treatment of mercury poisoning, see above. If mercury was introduced in the stomach, you should assign inside Anttdotum metallorum. With the same purpose to use milk, egg white, coal.