hydrocele (hydrocele)Hydrocele (hydrops of the testicle) - accumulation of fluid in the membranes of the egg (Fig). Hydrocele may be congenital and acquired.
The cause of congenital hydrocele is a cleft vaginal process of the peritoneum. Acquired hydrocele may occur due to injury, inflammation or tumor in the testicle or epididymis. Inguinal hernia, scarring after surgery, wearing a bandage may, squeezing elements of the spermatic cord, disrupt lymph circulation, which leads to the formation of a hydrocele.
The disease can be single - and double-sided. The amount of fluid in the cavity membranes of the egg ranges from few milliliters up to 1 to 2 liters of Liquid transparent, lemon color. In the testicle, as a rule, changes are not observed. Acute hydrocele accompanied by pain, fever, swelling of the scrotum. Rational treatment in 1-2 weeks clinical effects disappear or disease becomes chronic, in which hydrocele develops slowly, without pain and can reach large sizes, making walking difficult. There is a feeling of heaviness. Swelling is pear-shaped, facing the basis downwards, palpation solid elastic consistence, fluctuates. To investigate separately the testis and epididymis is not possible.
The purpose of differential diagnostics is conducted survey (diaphanosoma) using light bulbs. Hydrocele shines and it appears pink, which distinguishes it from the accumulation of blood in the membranes and cell tumors of the testis. If the hernia swelling usually easy spravlyaetsya into the abdominal cavity. The prognosis is favorable.
Treatment. Acute hydrops of the testicle envelopes recommended wearing jockstrap. In the first day use local ice, and then the thermal procedures. In chronic hydrocele in case of high voltage scrotum can be made palliative surgery - puncture the bag hydrocele. However, the liquid after 2-3 weeks the newly accumulated.
Radical method of treatment is surgery: twist and turn your own shell of the egg, the edges of her sew multiple seams behind egg so that they could turn around and re-create the cavity. When thickened egg shells their excised. Remote results are favorable.
With the purpose of prophylaxis of a hydrocele is recommended for diseases of the genital organs wearing jockstrap.