Hydrothorax is the accumulation of specimens in the pleural cavity. Hydrothorax may occur when kidney disease, hemodynamic heart failure, malnutrition and other diseases. Hydrothorax more likely to be bilateral. In the case of a unilateral hydrothorax may be offset bodies mediastinum in the opposite congestion transudate.
An objective examination mark limiting the mobility of the chest when breathing, weakening voice shake, stupid percussion above the liquid and above its upper boundary of pritulenko tympanic; breathing over the area stupidity is loose or missing, above the upper boundary of the fluid can listens bronchial breath due to compression of the lung.
Radiographically when hydrothorax is defined homogeneous characteristic darkening in the lower lung fields. Diagnostic importance trial pleural puncture (see the Chest). Unlike the exudate (see), a transudate (see) is characterized by a low specific gravity (below 1015), of a protein content of less than 3%, scarce cell composition; sample Reality negative (see Pleurisy). With the rapid increase in the number of specimens and shortness of breath shown urgent removal of the fluid, not more than 1 liter once.