Henbane black

henbane black
Fig. 6. Henbane black.

Henbane black (Hyoscyamus niger L.) - wild entered into the culture of the plant. The leaves contain group alkaloids atropine (see). Oil Belene (obtained by infusion of the leaves of sunflower oil) with chloroform (2 : 1) used as an analgesic for circulation in rheumatic and neuralgic pain. Dry and thick extracts (0.02-0.05 g per reception) from the leaves is a spasmolytic agent. The leaves are part of the anti-asthma Smoking powder (astmatol)used in bronchial asthma.
Henbane black distributed everywhere. It forms a huge number of seeds (other plants up to a million), which even in weak enabling conditions for a long time remain viable. This is a biennial plant. In the first year it forms only a basal rosette of leaves. Large, on long petioles, ovate or oblong, they are different in form, timing, emarginate-pinnatifid, but not necessarily all in the dust because it grows on weed places, pastures.
It is very poisonous plant. Only one tenth of a gram of poison henbane - atropine - enough to cause an adult fatal poisoning. Atropine is named after the Greek goddess of fate - atrophy.
Atropine poisoning initially manifested in the breakdown, then, if time does not help, it can lead to death. In very small doses of atropine is a valuable cure for many diseases.

Henbane plants of the SEM. Solanaceae. In medical practice are used leaves of a henbane black (Folium Hyoscyamt niger, SP. B), contains 0.05% group alkaloids atropine (giostsiamin, scopolamine, and other). Extracts B. are used as spasmolytic and painkillers in powder, pills and medicines (0.02-0.05 g per reception). Extract the Baltic dry (Extr. Hyoscyami siccum, SP. B) it contains 0.3% alkaloids. In the extract B. thick (Extr. Hyoscyami spissum) alkaloid content is the same as in the extract of the Baltic dry. Higher doses extracts B.: single 0.1 g daily 0.3 g
Belene oil (Oleum Hyoscyami) is part of the liniments for friction. Cm. also Medicinal plants, Holinoliticescoe funds.