Hyperemia - increased volume of organ and tissues as a result of intensified flow of blood when extending the arterioles (arterial blood) or venous outflow obstruction (venous or stagnant, hyperemia).
Arterial blood reflex occurs under the influence of mental affections or irritation of physical (friction, heat), biological (products of metabolism) and chemical (turpentine, mustard oil) factors and is one of the symptoms of inflammation (see). Under physiological conditions hyperemia of this or that body is observed during exercise.
Venous hyperemia is caused by reduction of quantity flowing from the body and blood observed in the compression of the veins tumors or scars, the weakening of cardiac activity and some other diseases. In heart failure, hyperemia occurs most often in the most remote from the heart of the areas in which developing stagnation and slow blood flow (see Stasis). In the hearth of stagnation dystrophic process and the growth of connective tissue.