Hyperkeratosis - excessive keratinization of the epidermis. Develops due to excessive secretion Horny substance, with dead cells will not reject, both in normal conditions and accumulate on the skin surface. Clinically hyperkeratosis is manifested areas of keratinization of the skin. There are diffuse alvimarine, which occupies almost the entire surface of the body (see Ichthyosis) and limited (see the Keratoses, Euratom senile, Cutaneous horn).
Senile keratosis, developing in the elderly mainly on exposed parts of the body (the forehead, temples, nose, cheeks, neck), is a pre-cancerous changes of the skin, which in 25% of cases goes into skin cancer. Clinically senile keratosis is a flat, sharply limited the dry or oily education 1-2 cm in diameter, yellow-brown, tight-welded with subject tissues, sometimes keratinized skin izyaslau.
Treatment hyperkeratosis - see above separate forms of keratosis. Patients senile keratosis and cutaneous horn should be sent for consultation and treatment to an oncologist. Cm. also the Precancer.