Hyperthermia - artificial increase of the body temperature, which is achieved by the effect on the body is heated above temperature 37 deg heat transfer fluids (water, air, sand, mud, etc.), limiting the impact body heat into the environment.
The increased body temperature when hyperthermia is caused by the transfer of the body from the heat transfer a large amount of heat, and the body does not have time to withdraw this heat through radiation, teploproduktia and evaporation. Under the influence of hyperthermia changes of the functional state of the nervous system, increase significantly (sometimes compounded) cardiac activity, blood and lymph circulation, improves metabolism, improves the antitoxic function of the liver, and increase immune response of the body.
Hyperthermia is used for the treatment of patients with chronic diseases of joints and spine (infectate, brucellosis, dystrophic polyarthritis), neirodermita. Contraindications: malignant tumors, tuberculosis, severe mental illness, alcoholism, hypertensive disease of II and III stages, circulatory insufficiency II and III stages, purulent processes.
Hyperthermia is paramedical personnel for the purposes and under the supervision of a physician.
Cm. also Pyrotherapy, Electroepitaxy.