Hypertrophy - increase of volume and weight of the body by increasing its basic functioning tissue. Sometimes the increase in the body occurs as a result of intensive development of connective or adipose tissue - false hypertrophy. The basis of true hypertrophy is the increase in the volume of tissue cells of that organ or their number by reproduction (hyperplasia). The most frequent cause hypertrophy is the strengthening of the functions of the authority. An example of such work, or functional, hypertrophy in conditions of norm is a powerful muscle development in persons of physical labor, sportsmen. In conditions of a pathology working hypertrophy develops at strengthening the functions of the body caused by any obstacles to its normal activities, for example hypertrophy of the heart muscle with high blood pressure when the heart valve disease; hypertrophy wall of the esophagus when scar narrowing his (above narrowing place) and other Kind of work hypertrophy is the vicar, or substitution, hypertrophy increase pair body when removing or pathological lack of functionality in another (for example, the kidneys).
Besides working, meets hypertrophy, caused by the action of hormones. Under physiological conditions such hypertrophy occurs in the breast in pregnancy and lactation. An example of pathological hormonal hypertrophy is the increase of the limbs, nose, tongue, and internal organs in akromegalia (see).
Hypertrophy - the process is reversible: in some cases when Troubleshooting the cause hypertrophy, can recover the normal size of body.