Hypnosis and suggestion

Hypnosis is a state of special, incomplete sleep in humans, resulting from the influence of verbal suggestion the hypnotist. According to the teaching of I. P. Pavlov hypnosis on the background of generalized inhibition of the cerebral cortex remains isolated excitation focus ("point guard") in the second signal system which preserves the possibility of contact with the hypnotist (rapport). Under these conditions, the suggestion is much more force than is done in the waking state. These features hypnosis allow its use for the treatment of various neuro-psychiatric disorders, and in some cases for pain (surgery, childbirth).
To use hypnosis is permitted only specially trained doctor, always in the presence of a sister, or a paramedic. Cm. also Psychotherapy.

The author of this monograph is the large expert in the field of hypnosis, suggestion and gipnosuggestevna therapy. On the basis of scientific evidence, it familiarizes the reader with the use of hypnosis and suggestion in medical practice. The examples illustrate favourable curative effect of hypnosis on some forms of bronchial asthma, hypertension, stenocardia, biliary dyskinesia, chronic cholecystitis and other internal diseases.
Hypnosis and suggestion are in some cases useful in surgical clinic, obstetric-gynecologic practice, in the treatment of skin, children's and other diseases.
Section is intended for a wide circle of readers.


                 Scientific basis of hypnosis and suggestion
A brief historical sketch of hypnosis and suggestion
Hypnosis in the animal world
Physiological basis of hypnosis and suggestion in light of the doctrine of I. P. Pavlov
Types and kinds of hypnosis
The deep hypnotic sleep
Types of hypnosis
Types of hypnotic sleep
Collective hypnotherapy
Hypnosis using radio
Hypnosis on TV
Hypnosis with the help of the tape recording
Hypnosis recording of the album of the medical text
Method of suggestion awake
               Hypnosis and suggestion in medical practice
Gipnosuggestevna treatment of functional disorders of the nervous system
Hypnosis in the treatment of anxiety and hypochondria
Gipnosuggestevna therapy in clinic of internal diseases
Hypnosis and suggestion at the surgical clinic
Hypnosis in obstetric-gynecological practice
Hypnosis and suggestion in the skin clinic
Gipnosuggestevna therapy in the clinic of children's diseases

Readers of my articles, listeners of lectures and acquaintances always asked the same question: "As You were "hypnotist"? When and what prompted You to become interested in hypnosis and master them?".
"It is hard to tell about it briefly. But still, selecting the most striking episodes; I will try to give an idea of the combination of any of the circumstances influenced my imagination and eventually led to the choice of profession hypnotherapist.
For the first time the phenomenon of hypnosis I encountered in childhood. Ten-year-old boy came to his grandmother in the village. Soon became friends with children the same age and they learned that not far from their village lives Forester Mikhalych, old and unsociable. In the village of him went a rumor that he warlock, knows healing herbs, willingly "for nothing" helps sick people. It was well known that he loves kids, presents them with honey and shows different "tricks". Once we went to his whole crowd. Grandfather took us friendly, gave honeycombs with honey. And here, at our request, long disagreeing finally showed us something to be remembered for life. Grey as the Harrier, the grandfather of the long "pinned" we are penetrating into the soul eyes, and then said, "Look, guys, go through the tree!" Indeed, leaning his forehead against the mighty trunk, he started like to get in his column, and then came out the other side of the tree. We stood with gaping mouths. Another experiment was even more striking. The old man began to bounce on one place and can Pat yourself on the hips, clicking, "Hey, you, snakes, reptiles all, vitalsuite to me!". And that's before our astonished eyes started to happen is something unimaginable: from the bushes to the old man crept snakes of various lengths and colors.
It was both strange, and interesting. I, city boy was frightened, and peasant boys, who snakes hands and sticks, were sympathetic to this view, as to the fun. "Where are you, Viper tailless that do not creep me?" - continued to broadcast "the sorcerer". And here from the Bush "hobbled" fat snake with "chopped off" tail. "Well, will you?" said the old man; and everything was gone. Now, Recalling the past, I can say only one thing - it was my first encounter with hypnosis.
This meeting with an unusual phenomenon, of course, impact on my future.
The second case that caused a sensible interest in hypnosis, have occurred following amusing circumstances. Having come to the market where they were selling chickens and ducks, I became a witness of how the adolescent (probably familiar with the techniques of hypnosis) approached the woman and asked her if she Kura, at which she proudly said, "Look, honey, what are strong Yes healthy!". Then the Joker took a quick one, then a second chicken, and they, to the horror of the hostess as "dead", frozen, flipped onto his back.
The next day, having come to school, I addressed questions to the teacher of natural Sciences B. E. Evgrafova, and he told us about hypnosis animals and humans. Many knowledge in this area I owe this person. He recommended us some literature to read, showed the first experiments of hypnosis animals. In the future, we did them on chickens, rabbits, frogs, cancers, snakes, dogs - already own. Especially simple was the experience above the river: we need to quickly grab it, to turn on his back with his face up and forcibly hold in this position for a minute or two. Then carefully, without sudden movements remove his hands from birds. Chicken hypnotized. Can bark at her dog, you can pluck her body with a long needle - it will not stir.
Interesting way of hypnosis snakes. Rastislav snake and giving her the opportunity several times to bite the stick, wrapped with a cloth, you need to grab the reptile at the place where the head goes directly into the body. Then quickly and vigorously shaking her. The body of a snake when it dries up, loses flexibility, turning as if to "stick".
After experiments on animals, and read relevant literature I soon got the opportunity to go to the observations over man. It should be mentioned about literature. Having read various waste paper, like the tabloid books of the last century, the Power is within us" or "Animal magnetism", and having tested their knowledge on family and friends, and I really believe it was, that have some mysterious power of hypnosis. After several successful experiments was suddenly inspired to itself a false and excessive respect. Fortunately in my hands got the book of the doctor of Nikolaev "Hypnosis in physiological lighting"who corrected my understanding of the role of personality hypnotizer. I must say that now, in our time it's a mistake to overestimate the possibilities hypnotizer. There are (even doctors) the false proposition that "hypnotist" is a peculiar people, allegedly born with the "special properties", "innate ability", strength of will and always somehow "black" or "green serpent" eyes. Looking ahead, I believe it is necessary to say that the idea of the exclusiveness of personality of a hypnotist currently finally dispelled science. "Hypnotist" can and shall be any doctor, regardless of their specialty. He must have theoretical and practical knowledge and appropriate experience and technique. No special properties and eye he does not need. The legend of "strong hypnotists and exceptional personalities cultivated various "hypnotists"professionals (not doctors), and representatives of the religious cult, and quacks and charlatans, who, from the phenomena of hypnosis source of entertainment and profit.

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