Hypochondriac syndrome

Hypochondriac syndrome - a set of symptoms of mental disorders characterized by painful, not justified by objective reasons focusing on their health. Some patients are constantly afraid to get sick, get infected, are very suspiciousness and suggestibility (neurotic, obsessive hypochondria); others have noted many different pain in various parts of the body, generating confidence in heavy, not recognized by the doctors of the disease (senestopaticalkie - hypochondriac syndrome); third, the belief that they are terminally ill, is linked to the severe depressive state (depression hypochondria). A number of patients hypochondriac syndrome is clearly delusional character. These patients persistently treatment, unsatisfied last and counting the enemy of anyone who tries to convince them. Some believe that the disease cause them to have special ways of their persecutors (delirious hypochondriac syndrome).
Patients with hypochondriac syndrome after medical examination should be sent for treatment to the doctor-psychiatrist. Cm. Also Delusional syndrome.