Hypoglycaemia, lower blood sugar below 80 70 mg%. Hypoglycemia occurs in healthy people with enhanced muscle. As a symptom of a pathological condition hypoglycemia is more likely to occur with an overdose of insulin, and when insulinopenia tumors ostrovkovogo apparatus pancreas (insuloma). Less hypoglycemia occurs when hypothyroidism, pituitary, cachexia, edisonova disease and metabolic diseases. Sharp hypoglycemia leads to a hypoglycemic coma (see).

Hypoglycemia is a condition of the organism, in which glucose levels are much lower than the amount of insulin in the blood. To speak about occurrence of hypoglycemia should, when the content of glucose in the blood reaches the mark of 3.3 mmol/L.
Often this condition is accompanied by diabetes patients, due to incorrect use of such drugs as aspirin, probenecid, overdose of insulin. As a result, the decline in sugar causes symptoms that indicate the occurrence of hypoglycaemia. In addition, alcohol can cause.
Should not lose sight of the fact that hypoglycemia can occur in people who do not have diabetes. In this case, this pathology can be caused by other diseases hormonal nature. To eliminate the source that causes deterioration, you should visit your doctor and find out the reason which should be addressed.

The symptoms of hypoglycemia
There are three severity of hypoglycemia, therefore, each of them is characterized individual symptoms. They begin to manifest, just the blood sugar level will fall to 3.3 mmol/L.
First the severity of hypoglycemia - easy (glucose below 3,8 mmol/l). The main symptoms are nausea, vomiting and numbness of the fingers, lips. Have ungrounded anxiety, nervousness. Tachycardia is another one of the symptoms of this condition.
The second stage is hypoglycemia moderate. It is much worse mood, irritable, anxiety, difficulties, if needed to concentrate on something. Strong weakness leads to dizziness, loss of coordination, and problems with speech apparatus (person finds it difficult to speak).
The third and last degree - heavy (sugar level below 2.2 mmol/l). To cause a loss of consciousness, seizures, and even coma. The temperature of the body is reduced. Patients suffering from this form of hypoglycemia in the long term, can have problems with the heart and brain.

Treatment of hypoglycemia
People suffering from hypoglycemia, shall regularly measure the level of glucose in the blood, and also to remember and to avoid what can cause this condition.
At the first symptoms must take foods rich in carbohydrates. This can be candy, juice from fruits, tea with sugar, honey, milk. Before treatment should be tested for the presence of hypoglycemia, as there are a huge number of diseases that have similar symptoms with this condition.
As for diabetes patients, then such people should moderate to drink alcohol, to take care of keeping a balanced diet, try to avoid stress.
It is important to know that the best assistants in hypoglycemia are complex carbohydrates and foods rich in proteins. With them, you should have a tablet containing glucose or glucose gel.
After 15 minutes since the moment of reception of the product, consisting of sugar, it is necessary to conduct measurements of blood sugar. When the level is below the 3.8 mmol/l, it is better to use some sugar-containing drug.
Often people suffering from hypoglycemia, lose consciousness, so it is useful discussion with the doctor a special injection of glucagon.