Iatrogenic diseases

Iatrogenic diseases (iatrogenia) is a painful condition, with the starting point of such statements doctor or such his actions, which have caused the adverse effect on the psyche of a patient, resulting in the past, a number of new pain, in some cases leading to severe conditions.
Source iatrogenic diseases can be not only doctors, but also radiographers, laboratory technicians, nurses and staff of medical institutions. To iatrogenic disease are especially prone persons affected by psychasthenia, anxious, worried, value impressionable, individuals with violent hysterical reactions and hypochondriac manifestations.
In some situations, the statements of the doctor perceived especially true cautious. Such situations can be examined by expert-consultant in either x-ray or other diagnostic study; initial consultation patients who considered himself a previously healthy, especially if the diagnosis, inadvertently brought to them, well known as dangerous (stenocardia, hypertension, suspected tumor) or diminish identity (skin and venereal, gynecological diseases).
In terms of clusters of similar patients (TB sanatoriums, cancer hospitals) easily occurs by mutual induction pessimistic attitude to the system of treatment, affecting worried sick.
A special place is occupied iatrogenia is caused by reading poorly written health education of the editions with excessive detail describes the clinical picture of disease, various complications, are frightening examples.
Prevention of iatrogenic diseases depends on increase of culture of medical services at all stages of clinical work, from psihoterapevticheskie busy always encouraging contact between doctor and medical staff alike with patients.