Iberis bitter, bitter stannic

iberis bitterIberis bitter, stannic bitter - Iberis amara L.
The Mustard Family - Brassicaceae Burnett.
Annual plant with height of 20-50 see the Stalk bottom rounded up the flat, upright, slightly pubescent. The leaves are alternate, sessile, lanceolate, edge neprostye. The flowers are small, white, gathered into umbellate inflorescences or korunovacni form, do not lose decorative 8-10 days. The root is stalky. Blossoms in June; bears fruit in July. Grows well in open Sunny places and small shading. Undemanding to soils. Drought-resistant.
In horticulture, plant known for several centuries. Medicinal properties poorly studied, used in folk medicine GDR.
Common in the mountains of southern Europe and Asia Minor.