The Ichthyol

The Ichthyol (Ichthyolum) - a preparation containing a 10.5% organically bound sulphur. Applied externally for burns, rojistoe inflammation, eczema, when neuralgia, arthritis in the form of 5-30% ointment or 10-30% vodno-spirtovm lotions. In inflammatory diseases of the small pelvis (metritis, parametritis, salpingitis, prostatitis, paraproctitis , etc.,) apply Ichthyol candles or tampons moistened with 10% glycerol solution Ichthyol. The drug is not compatible in solutions with iodide salts, alkaloids and salts of heavy metals. Method of production: Ichthyol-naphtalanna ointment and pasta, Ichthyol ointment (10-20%), medical candles.
Cm. also Antiseptic.

The advantages of Ichthyol ointment

Little pimples on the face of the girl is a lot of negative emotions, but there are not only small, but large, delivers it to the owner of mental discomfort. How to help yourself in such a delicate situation? In the opinion of many people, Ichthyol ointment acne is very efficient, removing subcutaneous the purulent inflammation. Treatment is not that expensive, the price is available for anyone who wants to get rid of acne on the face quickly, painlessly, without negative consequences. Negative consequences may increase ulcer or his reappearance after removal (extrusion).

Usually subcutaneous abscess is deep, so to break out independently abscess may not, pus at the site of inflammation provokes the further development of the abscess. How to deal with this trouble on my face?

Some people prefer to do a puncture needle treated with alcohol, enabling purulent accumulation to go outside. Part of the problem is solved, but will not the whole pus, and the only one that was closer to the surface of the skin, islet will remain inside. Under the hearth mean terminal is a foreign body, around which there is inflammation. Puncture needle leaves a small hole which is tightened instantly (5-15 minutes), so the pus out will not have to do the next time another puncture. This method delete boils not recommended by dermatologists is a very high probability of entry of blood and an open wound.

To avoid unnecessary cuts and punctures on the face, it is wiser to use a dedicated medicines against acne, one such tool is the Ichthyol ointment which lifts all the ulcer to the skin surface, giving the opportunity to get the entire cluster from under the skin. If the center of decay is still not well developed, and only appeared pain, then just drop the tumor, abscess vanishing without a trace, in its place, the focus is no longer growing. Applying the Ichthyol ointment, you save yourself from appearing repeated inflammation, there will be blood poisoning.

If you doubt the effectiveness of Ichthyol ointment, contact the hospital to see the doctor. Dermatologists prescribe this drug in severe cases of inflammatory process: the bubble, boils, acne. After an individual examination, the doctor will decide, you should use the Ichthyol ointment or not.

Medical statistics showed that treatment with Ichthyol so effective that it is prescribed for other problems with the skin: burn, frostbite, allergic pustular rash. Hence a conclusion - the Ichthyol ointment is convenient and efficient in the treatment of any inflammatory processes in the skin, leading to an infection of the blood and the formation of ulcers.

Characteristic of Ichthyol ointment

In the structure of ointments includes Ichthyol, which purposefully fighting with the bugs caught in the human body. The drug can penetrate deeply under the skin, helps to get the abscess on the surface, people call it "pulling" of acne. Treatment Ichthyol ointment is effective against a rash, pustules, irritation.
What drug loved the people:
- Quickly relieves inflammation.
- Well disinfects.
- Improves blood circulation.
- Quickly reduces pain, inflammation subcutaneous abscess. Used as analgesic medication, dulling the sensitivity of nerve endings.
- Dissolves the comedones, eliminates white tubes, black dots.
- Reduces spots are formed on the face after purulent abscesses.

To buy medicine with Ichthyol can the pharmacy, sold it in the form of gels, liquid solutions. In each case, the cure of an individual, select it depending on the strength of inflammation of the boil, time of day for drawing on the inflamed plot of a person.

For example: when a large inflammation of subcutaneous pimple is better to apply the ointment, with a weak inflammation will help the solution. The solution is applied on the face, avoiding contact with the fluid in the eye area. To prevent ideal transparent gel - rubbing it in the proposed location of the inflammation. Transparent gel is completely invisible on the face, so it is used in the daytime, it is very convenient for students, office workers, persons holding positions in the service sector.

Method of use and contraindications to the use

Use the products with Ichthyol recommended at night. Cause your face no one will see (ointment is ugly color, odor). You can use the ointment during the day, if you are sure that you will not see. The drug does not stop because friends accidentally catch you when using it. 'll just stay bad feeling in my heart that people had seen the face of even more ugly than with red inflamed sores on it.

Applying ointment at home intrusion, it is left for two hours, then wash off or remove the special cleanser for skin care. If the abscess is a huge and painful, then it is reassuring to know that the medicine did not Osterloh about clothes, hands, hair, put ointment on the cotton swab, which is fixed on the face with adhesive tape. To do this, you should regularly before going to sleep - so you give Ichthyol chance to influence inflammation longer.

If the bubble has burst during sleep, then when removing the bandage gently remove the remains of purulent discharge, treat an open wound disinfectant, leave her alone until complete healing.

In rare cases, the Ichthyol is an allergic reaction, which is expressed in the skin redness, itching, may be allergic small rash. In this case, you should reduce the use of the drug to a minimum. To use the Ichthyol ointment for allergies more than specified in the instructions, you cannot. Sometimes remain dark marks after preparation. This is because the skin is colored, but over time the stain is washed away. No need hard scrubbing your face with sponges or scrapers. To reduce stains enough to wash with warm water, clean skin cosmetic means on care of a face or light cream.