"Did you find the ideal?"

Not being able to find a true friend, adolescents often choose random guys. Dreaming of the ideal, trying to find it, they take the ideal of something far from it. They are often attracted pretentiousness service, a kind of bravado, swagger some manners unrecognized "heroes". They strive to keep up with them, to perceive their manners, their language jargon, to imitate them.
The shy girl pronounces mother for what she says old-fashioned, backward, not letting her for a night celebration to well-known "the dude " Vladik, so what if he, according to his mother, a bad one,who has no flaws! And no persuasion does not help, the girl was crying... She wants to go, because the guys (they will be just three boys and three girls!) will be alone... If she doesn't come, it will be laughing: "you will Think, honey...". And a little later the same type, which still wants to escape from under her mother's control, will be a trembling hand to write the lecturer on debate note: "Tell me, what if many people now laugh at your modesty... Who needs it? They say that girl to be (?) now is not fashionable?".
That's because as it happens! Tear our Teens forward, looking for new ideals, cut off the shoulder old. And try object Petya that his friend Marina - not ideal. It is assumed that you did it gently and carefully. And the son are not offended. He did, however, you can reply: "well, isn't ideal will find? One, the other one another".
In this conversation you shall tell your son that if a person is not ideal, he is nevertheless obliged to strive for excellence. And on his friends to help achieve this perfection, burned with a teenager, such conversations are not carried out, there is a risk in the future to see him disappointed and unhappy.
The young man 20 years, with a bitter smile, saying, "you Know how I get married? I will go out, look around, you will see the first woman..., learn about it and if it can not be denied, marry".
And to our surprised and confused look he responded by saying: "And what wonder? Was looking for, looking for the ideal of his own, has not found. Realized that people not without flaws. And I have them there, of course. Here and will be quits". This is the result of developed with long-childhood simplicity, and the non-critical in choosing the other.
Be sure to tell the teenager about how he treated the disadvantages A. S. Makarenko. He advised to declare war on them gradually to overcome them. If a person has twenty shortcomings, we should try to fix ten of them. Stay another ten. To calm down? In any case! Gotta get these! Who better than the other, can help in this? Real human ideal form in persistent joint struggle of friends seeking to build real beauty relations.
A true friend is the most cordial and sincere person. He will comfort the good word, when it is so lacking! He will help with the case when it is necessary. Well can make a friend with whom meets your teen's only because he lives in the same house? It is doubtful that such a friend you can always rely on.
Comrades parents! Help the children to fill the gap that exists in the education of their correct ideas of friendship and relations of friendship.
Tactful and careful (taking into account efficiency, Burnet their feelings!) help them to understand the friends, tell me the mistakes in the manifestation of indifference, callousness, of being noncritical friends.
Will zaradite adolescents have the desire to become better, more cleaner in friendship! Tell them the idea of self-education, show that only daily and hourly work at yourself, improving your character, strengthening the will, enriching feelings, they can become people of interesting, decent, moral rich and pure.