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Peculiarities of identification of the corpses of unknown persons

Important information to determine the age, gender and race gives a study of the teeth, which also have individual characteristics.
In addition to the skull, to determine the age, gender and height can be used bones of the body and extremities. In the age determination shall take into account the core of ossification, offensive synostosis, involutive signs of bone tissue.
The establishment of a floor on a separate bones reliably possible in cases when the formation of the skeleton was over and sexual characteristics are already well defined. Sexual dimorphism is sufficiently studied on the bones of the skull, pelvis, the hyoid bone, sternum, clavicle, shoulders, ribs.
Sexual characteristics of the pelvis are beginning to come to light after 10 years of age and are well expressed after puberty.
Determination of body length (growth) produce long tubular bones, with the definition of growth not only on the whole bones and their fragments. After detailed measurements of the length of the bones (using osteopaticheskojj tablet) the obtained results are in a special table. Growth is calculated by summing the details specified in the measurement of each bone, and dividing by the number of investigated bones. If you use multiple tables, the average growth are calculated separately for each table.
When calculating the growth of the bones error can be up to several centimeters.
When deciding on the old burial take into account the degree of skeletization bones, the nature of the soil in which it had been buried the corpse, the presence of a coffin and others Use research using emission spectral analysis, ultrasound and other
The accuracy of the method is within several years. It is clear that the more time has passed from the moment of burial before the time of the study, the lower the accuracy of determining the limitation disposal of the corpse.
Thus, forensic research with the aim of identification greatly assist the investigation to identify the unknown dead person. Evidential significance of the results of these studies depends on their accuracy, consistency, proper selection of objects and methods of identification.

1. What are the methods that are used in forensic medicine and criminology to identify the personality.
2. When it is appropriate to use for identification:
a) a verbal portrait;
b) x-rays;
in) fingerprinting;
g) serological methods of research;
d) study of hair;
e) fotocamera?