"Coming for you!"

Vesalius achieved the main thing: he freed the anatomy of the captivity of religious mysticism and centuries-old errors. It turned out that the human body lives by its own laws, not dependent on will of the other world, the heavenly powers.
Vesalius had built a multi-storey building of the new anatomy. After many owners have visited this structure is very different. Were among the heirs such that complement its essential details, was completing the entire floors. Others tried to destroy and pollute built. But the building of a new anatomy stood firm because had a solid Foundation.
During the life of Vesalius his disciple Fallopian continued his anatomical studies by experience. Famous Roman Professor Eustace, initially said he prefers to be mistaken with Galen, but would not recognize the new anatomy, but in the end turned out to be her advocate.
Not all were able to estimate the value of the works of Vesalius. Because of prejudice in everything, especially in science, is "the great chain of the holding of a person in a certain, limited circle stiff concepts, - said A. P. Herzen. - Ear got used to them, his eyes looked closer, and the absurdity, using the rights ago, is becoming a recognized truth."
Ear got used to name Galen, eye looks to its anatomical structure, and even after a century after the publication of the Treatise of Vesalius, after new discoveries not only in anatomy, but in physiology, were people stubbornly defended the inviolability of the teachings of the ancient Roman doctor.
The final blow petrified authority has brought the English physician William Harvey. Based on the findings of Vesalius, he gave a clear and accurate picture of the systemic circulation in humans. Was first installed path, but which blood from the heart through the arteries flows to the organs of the body, and from them through the veins flows back to the heart.
At the opening of Harvey in physiology was the same fate as the new anatomy. First, a more accurate description of the transfer of blood between the ventricles of the heart, other than Kalinovskogo, made in XIII century Damascus physician Ibn Nafis, but the discovery was soon forgotten.
Description of the small circle of blood circulation, this theologian Miguel Servet in 1553 in his book affecting the foundations of the Christian religion, was over the fact that the author and the book were burned.
The lectures of the famous Parisian anatomist de La boé, one of the devotees propagandists discoveries of William Harvey, at the insistence of the clergy were cancelled. He fleeing from persecution of the clergy, fled to the Netherlands.
And only personal fate of Harvey has developed more successfully than the Vesalius. He lived long and even when life could admire his image of a rock and read the words: "B. Harvey, immortal monuments of his genius..."
Because the time was not the end of the XVII century. The Church was retreating. The bourgeois revolution in Europe, the development of education, achievements in the field of industry, technology, shipping increasingly put forward before the science of new tasks. To run them, she threw away the authority of Scripture, were exempted from the closed circle of religious teachings.
And wherever the Church bitterly stayed, there were new, rapidly developing branch of science. Not remained without changes and anatomy. Continuing refined and enriched by new discoveries, already in the XVII century it has allocated in a separate section of physiology.
In the following, the XVIII century was separated pathological anatomy, studying not healthy and diseased organs.
The nineteenth century brought the triumph of microscopic and surgical anatomy, techniques which improve and deepen in our days.
The Vesalius was devoted quite a few lines of poetry. These are of his contemporary, the doctor Welsey:
We, Vesalius, now Yes please rate you deserve.
The true glory. Shestoi! Coming for you!