Hiccups - spasmodic contraction of the diaphragm, which causes rapid breathing with immediate closure of the glottis.
Hiccups can occur in healthy people, often for no apparent reason, and quickly cease. Sometimes hiccups is a symptom of some serious diseases.
Hiccups Central origin is observed in the encephalitis, meningitis, haemorrhage in the brain, tumors and other Hiccups may appear when aneurysm of aorta, the pericarditis, diseases of the esophagus, mediastinum, with the direct irritation of the diaphragm inflammatory processes neighboring organs, peritonitis. Hiccups reflex origin occurs in diseases of the abdominal cavity and the wounds of the abdomen. Hiccups happens with uremia, the number of infectious diseases, mental stimulation.
Treatment hiccups provides for treatment of the underlying disease. To remove hiccups can bromide sodium (10 ml of 10% solution intravenously), morphine (1 ml of 1% solution subcutaneously), the chloral hydrate (25 ml of 4% solution with viscous substance on one enema), chlorpromazine (0.025 g inside), in severe cases, bilateral local blockade phrenic nerve novocaine.