Himanen (Imaninum) is an antibacterial product for external application, received from a plant St. John's wort. Operates mainly on gram-positive bacteria; contributes to the drying of the wound and regeneration of tissues. Is prescribed for the treatment of infected wounds, ulcers, burns II and III level, purulent lesions of the skin and subcutaneous tissue; use also in acute rhinitis, pharyngitis, laryngitis, sinusitis. Apply a 0.5-1% water, water-alcohol and water-glycerol solutions or 5-10% ointments. The solution of Kanina prepared as follows: 1 g of Kanina add 20 ml of 0.1 n solution of caustic soda, boil 5-10 minutes and after the dissolution of the powder up to 100 ml of solvent (distilled water or water and alcohol). Keep Kanin the temperature does not exceed 12-15 degrees and in hermetically corked banks. 1% solution of Kanina remains active from 1 to 2 weeks. Cm. also Antibiotics.