Imbecile - moderate mental retardation. Patients possess a speech, but it is poor words and tongue-tied. Emotional reactions considerably extended - in patients there attachment to a close and well related to people, gratitude, shame, etc., Have the ability to self-service, learn the basic kinds of manual and mechanical work.
However, the practical activity of Imbeciles is automated and standardized manner. In the changing conditions of life and work sick easily lost, very vneseny, easy to follow bad examples and advice; therefore they need constant supervision.

Imbecile - average degree of mental retardation. Patients master the language, but the vocabulary is poor, the sound pronunciation and articulation defective. Attention of Imbeciles on any subject may be concentrated in the short term. They are able to accumulate a small stock of views. Thinking is slow and inconsistent. The teaching of reading, writing and numeracy extremely difficult. Statement of account is not possible. Sometimes there is good ear for music, good mechanical memory, but meaningful, logical memory is insufficient. Emotions, though little differentiated, but still more diverse than idiocy. Expressed affection for family, shame, and some consciousness of inferiority. Some of them are timid, shy, sensitive, sensitive to the praise and censure, other irritable, angry, vengeful. They all vneseny, combining and at the same time, obstinate, sometimes negativistic. At higher inclinations that they are not able to keep, Imbeciles, prone to impulsive actions (shoots, vagrancy). Movement of these patients are relatively better developed than in idiocy. They are capable of self and can master simple work, but their work is often machineability (automatic) character; if necessary, change the template they are lost. Education and training of children of Imbeciles should be carried out in special boarding schools. For independent life Imbeciles adapted few, need care.