As science uses the power of immunity?

Not only man, but also other living beings have to fight with microbes. Themselves microbes too fiercely fighting with each other. In the course of this struggle for millions of years separate living creatures have developed an extremely powerful chemical weaponthat kills many germs. Scientists have discovered these substances are called antibiotics, and got them in a pure form. Introduction into medicine penicillin, streptomycin , and many other antibiotics made a real revolution. A number of diseases, carried off the first of millions of lives, defeated due to the fact that the science used in the interests of the individual weapons produced in the battles that were with microbes and other living beings.
A good remedy against the putrid microbes are waste products of bacteria that cause the souring of milk. Because the meat left in the open air, quickly rots, and milk, skinov, perfectly preserved. On the proposal of I. I. Mechnikov this was also used in the interests of man. Curdled milk, kefir, especially acidophilus greatly reduce the amount of harmful germs in our gut. As we shall see in the last conversations, these questions are closely linked with the struggle for longevity.
Various plants, such as onions, garlic, also produce antimicrobial agents who opened their Soviet scientist bpts token called phytoncides. They are very volatile, and therefore contains only just chopped vegetable products.
Strong antimicrobial agents rich honey. They related volatile. In order to produce 1 gram of honey, bees must visit about 10 thousand flowers! Honey in ancient times used to fight with suppurations of the RAS, to protect products from damage. It is known that the body of Alexander the great, who died in Asia Minor, put in honey and transported to Greece for the funeral.
After the known forces of acquired immunity, science, studying the mechanisms him were given the opportunity to create a person has immunity to a variety of diseases. It is clear that for this purpose it is necessary either to enter into the body of microbial products that without causing disease or causing her in a weak form, would contribute to the setting up of lymphocytes - killers and formation of antibodies, or give ready antibodies in the form of whey of blood of animals or people who have had this disease. More effective the first way, because it provides long-lasting immunity. Other antibodies are unwanted guests, and immunity to them quickly spread. Therefore, serum are used only when it is urgent, at least for a short time, to provide a ready-made antibodies those who are already ill.
Edward Jenner
The use of the weakened microbial material, causing the formation of own immune forces, entered the medicine in 1796, when the English physician Edward Jenner inoculated healthy boy vaccinia (smallpox) and proved that after this occurs immunity to smallpox from a sick person. It is hence the word "vaccine" (from the Latin vасса - cow). Vaccination has become a daily tool in the prevention of some diseases. The results of her huge and known to everyone. However smallpox, opening the era of vaccination in medicine, opened it, and the era of cancellation of vaccination: in 1980 the world health organization declared smallpox erased from the face of our planet, and opepreveria in the USSR and several other countries cancelled. Measures immunology recently defeated this heavy disease, as poliomyelitis, etc.,