The flip side of protective forces

Protection from alien proteins is one of the oldest functions of the body which passed a long path of evolutionary development. However, the evolution continues, the adaptation of the organism to the environment sometimes true delights us, but it's not ideal. Protective forces - as non-specific, which is innate and is aimed at a wide range of possible enemies and specific, honed during the individual life and narrowly targeted against a specific enemy is in many respects incomplete.
The imperfection of congenital nonspecific mechanisms of defense can be illustrated by two examples. First, all know where to begin, many so-called acute disease, which occur with fever - a sharp increase in body temperature. Of course, at a higher temperature accelerates the formation of antibodies. However, by itself, feverish condition is extremely painful, and we have to admit that if we have the medicine, produced by nature, then the medicine is quite bitter and sometimes violent. Secondly, it is impossible not to talk about the inflammation. It is created by nature as a protective reaction. However, often it is this reaction is a picture of the disease, and sometimes destroys the body. The predisposition to inflammatory reactions is one of the parties of the so-called reactivity of the organism and often let us down. It is unnecessary "ardor" inflammatory response explains many of the so-called cold diseases of the respiratory tract: the body begins rapidly respond to microbes that before long were our innocent tenants. A classic example of pneumonia. Pneumococcus - microbe, in principle, not particularly dangerous. With him the protective forces, primarily the phagocytes, would cope without tissue storms in the lungs. Meanwhile, the inflammatory process, razigralas, off of breath significant part of the lung tissue itself can cause trouble. Another example is the heavy occupational lung disease, widely spread earlier among miners and known under the name of silicosis. When working in conditions of high dust dust particles are deposited in the lungs. The body reacts to them education around each particle kind of protective shaft of phagocytes and scar tissue. Occurs hard knot. Such microscopic knots accumulated millions. This "stone" light willingly attacks tubercle Bacillus followed a tragic outcome. Meanwhile, quartz particles in principle themselves are quite harmless of toxic effects not have and could be in the lungs without serious consequences. If the body reconciled with this, the list of human diseases reduced by one position.
The level of reactivity of organism is not immutable. It regulates outdoor renowned canadian scholar Hans SelyeHans Selye hormonal mechanisms for involving the pituitary gland and the adrenal cortex, it is called a system of stress hormones. These hormones reduce excess reactivity, enter it in the certain frameworks. Since the 60-ies of our century became known curious fact: the miners, the former sportsmen, do not suffer from silicosis. Why is this so? One of the main reasons is that the sport is the source of physiological tension, stress. Effect of stress hormones in the body of athletes is more intense, and the excess reactivity decreases.
Modern medicine often use the means, emeraldine inflammatory process. Used drugs hormones hydrocortisone, prednisolone, and synthetic drugs are similar actions: synalar, oksikort, lorinden, etc., of Course, abuse of hormonal means and their synthetic relatives should not be.
If we now refer to the forces acquired, specific immunity, and can be seen here a number of indisputable imperfections. On the one hand, the ability to develop improved, selective sensitivity to certain microbial proteins possessing properties antigens (the so-called alien proteinsthat cause intensive formation of antibodies) and the multiplying of resistance of the body, combined with the ability of increased response to other antigens, such as vegetable. This develops special, painful reaction. We are talking about allergiesthat represents a perversion of specific protective forces. On the other hand, sometimes lymphocytes like mad and they become enemies proteins own tissues. The phenomenon of the so-called autoaggressive. The strength of the immune system begins to beat on their own.
Finally, there is a situation, when the forces of immunity act correctly, but still very disturbing us. We are talking about organ transplantation. Honestly protecting the body from foreign protein, mechanisms of immunity meet foreign tissue fierce counterattack and eventually win. The transplanted heart threatens to stop. Nature has not been faced over millions of years of evolution with adaptive benefits transplantation of various organs, but because natural selection has not worked in this regard.
In all these cases, when normal or perverted the mechanisms of acquired immunity bother us and harm, it is necessary to revert to the impacts, EMERAUDE reactivity of the organism. In addition to the hormonal and synthetic drugs, which I have already mentioned, assist many drug with so-called desensitizing effect, i.e. decreasing tooth sensitivity, sensitivity of tissues to the various agents. A similar effect was found to possess a certain extent, such a long time used medications like aspirin and pyramidonum. Have obtained a number of much more powerful tools in the same activity - phenylbutazone, etc. are Widely used substances that reduce the severity of allergic reactions, such as diphenhydramine, pipolfen. In General, it can be argued that for the last half a century the most important in the enrichment of our drug arsenals was two steps, the advent of antibiotics and the opening of tools that reduces the reactivity of the organism and allergic reactions.
As you can see, our defence has not only weaknesses but sometimes turns into its opposite. Such is the contradiction of our lives. As we have said, in any compositions like harmony and disharmony, consonances and dissonances.