Various allergic diseases and reactions are the clinical expression of immune processes in the organism. Therefore, we consider it appropriate to consider first immunological aspects of allergies. Knowledge of immunology is absolutely necessary for understanding the pathogenesis of allergic diseases and accompanying tissue damage.
Along with the well-studied this issue has some controversial topics that require further investigation. Many are still gaps in our knowledge of immunology and allergic diseases that are filled until more or less bold hypotheses.
For better assimilation of the material is arranged in the following order: 1) immunological aspects allergies immediate type; 2) immunological aspects allergies delayed-type; 3) cellular changes, characteristic of allergic reactions; 4) immune tolerance; 5) experimental model of allergic reactions.
With this arrangement of the material, the reader will be better prepared to understand the problems of Allergy clinic, which are quite complex.

  • Allergy immediate type