The defeat of the nervous system in children with alcohol intoxication

pregnancy and alcohol
If you are pregnant and are taking alcohol remember that unborn child also receives it!

Major goal of the state society for the prevention of alcoholism and alcohol abuse, as it is impossible to assess the damage that they cause to the person and the whole society.
It has been long known harmful effects of alcohol on health drinker and his posterity. Reception of alcoholic drinks, especially women, leads to complications from the nervous system in children not only during pregnancy and after birth, as well as in the period of their growth and development. That is why the study of the effect of alcohol on the nervous system of children and adolescents is very important.
On the basis of literature data and clinical observations in section describes the various disorders of the peripheral and Central nervous system at different stages of its shaping and formation of children whose parents had abused alcohol. In addition, consider the mental status changes in the process of direct use of alcohol by children and adolescents.
For a wide range of practical physicians.
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  • Introduction
  • The pathogenesis of action of alcohol on the body
  • The effect of alcohol on fetus
  • Infantile cerebral paralysis
  • The influence of alcoholism parents on postnatal development of the child
  • Clinic disorders of the peripheral nervous system
  • Specificity of Central nervous system
  • The clinical picture of epilepsy and seizures during alcoholic intoxication
  • Alcoholism among children and adolescents
  • Literature