Mental development of the baby

Perhaps, everyone will agree with the statement that the baby DATACOPY stage in human development, is one of the most critical periods of his life. At this time, develop motor skills, largely completed the development of the processes of perception and laid the foundations of cognitive abilities that will further develop the intellect. And, despite this, the infancy only relatively recently became an independent area of research. Over the last ten years, our methods of study of infants are much more accurate. The questions that we set, gained more concrete, and the responses were surprised many of us. We did not expect that babies are capable of much, and at the same time did not suspect that they are so many can not. This section describes modern methods of study of the mental development of infants, and some of the results obtained using these methods. Clearly shown that babies are capable of what previously was considered to be unavailable to them. Deployed to try to explain the processes by which infants develop the necessary capacity, in particular cognitive abilities. The aim was the demonstration of the importance of psychological environment for the acceleration or deceleration of the process of the child's acquisition of basic cognitive skills. Childhood is a critical period cognitive development - in this time, the child has a lot to gain and much to lose. Moreover, the loss of this period with age crumbling harder and acquisitions remain. Section will help to enhance practical work aimed at solving these problems. Read this monograph will get the idea of the dynamic and contradictory process, which is called the mental development of the baby. It is possible that the readers will raise new questions, to which they will be looking for answers. The only way we'll finally be able to approach the understanding of development.

Table of contents

  • Introduction
  • The perception of space
  • Visual radial localization
  • The perception of distance
  • The perception of objects
  • The development of motor behavior
  • Cognitive development