Alcohol and liver

Flowing through the body of vital juices,
and in the liver hid their origins.
Spare thanks to the liver. From it
All organs depends Genesis.
Remember, it is the basis of all bases:
Healthy spirit of the liver and the body healthy.
Ibn Sina (Avicenna)*

  • The structure and function of the liver
  • Changes in the structure and function of the liver, with its diseases
  • Main manifestations of liver diseases. Methods of diagnosis
  • The relationship between alcohol abuse and liver damage. Alcohol and food
  • Conversion of ethyl alcohol in the liver
  • Stage and for alcoholic liver disease
  • Conclusion
  • Currently, alcohol (ethanol) in industrialized countries is the most common liver poison and the most common cause of chronic liver disease, including severe, irreversible destruction of liver cirrhosis. "Treachery" this connection is that at the regular use without having essentially no nutritional value, it becomes a permanent and continuously growing part of the everyday diet, more "crowding out" of many vital elements. Therefore, direct affects the liver effects of alcohol most addicted to it people combined with a serious decline of the power supply, insufficient intake of many absolutely necessary for the normal course of metabolic processes dietary factors - proteins, vitamins, microelements. This, in turn, leads to increased direct toxic effect of alcohol on the liver.
    The root cause of alcoholic liver injury virtually all patients is chronic alcoholism is heavy, it is extremely difficult to cure disease, the essence of which lies in the development of psychic and physical dependence from alcohol and attributable to the inability of the patient to self refuse the use of alcoholic beverages. Particularly damaging to the liver is one of the basic laws of chronic alcoholism is a long steady increase daily doses of alcohol in connection with the development of tolerance to alcohol (portability high doses).
    Damage to the liver as a shadow accompanies alcohol, being closely associated with the value of average daily dose and the duration of alcohol.
    If the introduction into an organism of such universal poison as alcohol can be likened to a vast mechanical injuries, damaging all organs and tissues of the body, a preemptive strike of such injuries is always on the liver. The fact that this body is inevitable target the damaging effects of ethanol, because the liver provides a truly lion's share of work on alcohol detoxification, i.e. its transformation into harmless, non-toxic compounds (water and carbon dioxide), easily removed from the body. Primary, reversible, i.e. completely curable when avoiding alcohol stage alcoholic liver disease develop, all persons systematically using alcoholic drinks; the ultimate, irreversible his stage liver cirrhosis affects about 1/3 of patients with chronic alcoholism.
    The person that started the systematic use of alcoholic drinks, can be compared to the skier, who begins to slide on the gentle slope of high mountains, not knowing that far down the slope breaks off into a deep abyss. Slow in the initial stages of the descent provides full stop in time and return to the top. However, if no one will warn skier about the impending danger, or if, having received such a warning, it will not treat him with due attention will inevitably come a time when neither the skier, nor any external forces will not be able to stop all the accelerating movement down and to prevent a catastrophe... This Handbook is intended primarily for "skiers", who did not even fatal descent, or are in the very beginning, when the salvation of their own health and often life can easily obtain the elementary force of will. We believe that knowledge, or rather, the awareness of the dangers and her active counteraction is the power that can prevent trouble - the development of chronic alcoholism and its inevitable companion - alcoholic liver disease. Even the famous Roman orator Quintilian said that to make the right decision "it is extremely important to thoroughly know the matter". "Irresistible only that out of mind, out of mind" is rightly observes writer Yuri Nagibin.
    The formation and evolution of alcoholic liver disease is a rather complicated process, an idea of which is possible only after preliminary acquaintance with the structure and main functions of this body in healthy people, with changes regularities of the structure and function of the liver under the influence of various adverse factors and methods of detecting them in the clinic. The articulation of these issues is devoted to the first chapters of the manual. The following are some historical and epidemiological information about alcoholic liver disease, the most significant mechanisms for the development of different clinical forms, describe their symptoms, detection methods (diagnostics), prevention and treatment.

    * Ibn Sina. My favorite. Tashkent, 1981. C. 68