Personality and alcoholism

This monograph on the basis of generalization of modern literature data and clinical-psychological research of personality reveals the basic problems of the psychology of alcoholism, developed medical and psychological concept pathological attraction to alcohol, analyzes the main tasks and methods of psychological help in this disease, the problems of professional training of medical psychologists to work in the field of addiction.
Section is intended for psychologists, psychiatrists and narcologists, psychotherapists, teachers, educators.

Table of contents

  • Introduction

  • Chapter I. the Problem of personality in General and medical psychology
  • The person as the main problem of psychology
  • Value orientation and the orientation of the personality
  • Needs in the structure of personality of man
  • Attraction in the structure of motivational and consumerism sphere
  • The problem motives in psychology of personality
  • Motivation as a factor of personal activity
  • The problem of identity in medical psychology

  • Chapter II. Basic medical and psychological directions of research of a personality in alcoholism
  • The problem of psychological study of personality in alcoholism
  • Clinical concept of "alcoholic personality"
  • Psychoanalytic direction
  • Behavioral (behavioral) direction
  • Transactional direction
  • Some other psychological concept of alcoholism
  • Testing diagnostic studies
  • Motivational direction

  • Chapter III. The psychology of attraction to alcohol
  • Attraction in norm and pathology
  • Attraction to alcohol as a psychological phenomenon
  • Motivational syndrome in alcoholism
    Updating and dynamics of attraction to alcohol
    The relationship attraction to alcohol and other attractions
    Changes in personality and character under influence of the desire for alcohol
  • The issues of psycho-diagnostics attraction to alcohol
  • The problem of individual differences in alcoholism

  • Chapter IV. Psychological help for alcohol
  • Psychotherapy
  • Psychological consulting
  • Psychological problems of training of psychotherapists and counselors to work in narcology
  • Conclusion