Physical education of children with poor health

This section tells about the benefits of physical training for children who have had one or another disease or predisposed to it.
The parents will learn what kind of sports and dosage can accept the children with poor health as a healing, a healing tool.

Doctors specialists in physical therapy, or often, parents of children who suffered in early childhood variety of diseases or suffering from some chronic disease at present.
Every disease disrupt the body's normal functioning. Restriction of movements always very difficult perceived by children as the need of movement is a fundamental physiological features of a children's organism, its normal formation and development.
Fill in children deficit movements with the help of physical exercises is one of the main tasks of physical therapy.
Naturally, in every family, in which children grow, physically weakened or after certain diseases, it is necessary to organize proper physical education of their child at home. Parents should be able to fully use the funds of physical culture in therapeutic purposes.
In this book the author tells about the organization of the physical education lessons with impaired children and children who have had the disease, which permanently deprive children of the inherent mobility and detain their physical development. Given some practical tips on correct physical education of the child.
Recommendations of massage and gymnastics in rickets, Krivoshei and clubfoot refer to children of early age, mainly to three years. Medical gymnastics in diseases of heart, lung, and diseases of the musculoskeletal system - to preschoolers and schoolchildren.
Naturally, age differences should be considered in the dosage of exercises, the degree of their complexity and development of skills of a combination of breathing movements.
The younger you are, the less you should ask them for clarity and purity in the exercises.
Featured in various diseases special. exercises should be used only in combination with obshherazvivajushhego exercise.
The most important physiological peculiarity of the child's body is extraordinary plasticity of the nervous system. In children with proper motoring especially in rapidly developing new conditioned reflex communications, restores the nervous regulation, are damaged by pathological process.
With the permission of the doctor after illness, about which we will tell you it is important to start training with the child, systematically and regularly conduct the training.
We will try to help you to use elements of physical culture for treatment of gymnastics and hardening to improve health and physical development of your children.
Remember that complete liberation from the physical exercises allowed only as a temporary measure and is justified only in case of acute diseases.
We dedicate a section to the recommendations of the medical gymnastics children during the acute illness is doing Methodist physical therapy in hospitals and clinics. We want to help the parents to organize a home from home in the correct physical education of children who suffered in the recent past, heart disease, lung suffering from disorders of the musculoskeletal system, and, moreover, children, are not ill, but physically weak developed, thin, pale, and sometimes overly full, constantly complaining on weakness and fatigue.

Many parents would not like to see their children pretty well physically developed? There is no such a mother, no father, which would consider the health of children something secondary. In children's health - porridge happiness, our future.
Now everybody understand clearly, what great importance to the health of children and adolescents is physical education. Him in our country is paid more and more attention.
In the Program of the CPSU, the decisions of the XXIII Congress of the CPSU physical culture and sport are considered as one of the important means of upbringing of a Soviet man, harmonically combining the spiritual wealth, moral purity and physical perfection. In August 1966, the Central Committee of the CPSU and the USSR Council of Ministers issued a resolution " on measures for further development of physical culture and sports. The Ministry of education instructed to organize classes on physical culture with students assigned to the state of health to special medical group. The Ministry of health of the USSR proposed to increase the use of physical education in Medical-preventive work of medical institutions; to increase the network of offices of physiotherapy at polyclinics.
All these activities are aimed at ensuring that our children grow up healthy, strong, clever and strong.
But no matter how well organized work on physical education in schools, medical offices of physiotherapy, without the active help of the parents, it will not bring should use. It must know in every family, to understand all parents. Then the advice and recommendations of the teachers of physical education, physicians and therapists are not wasted.