Karlovy Vary Spa

Section dedicated to the world famous Czech Spa town of Karlovy vary. He tells about its history, shows the role of mineral springs, natural and cultural environment for treatment and relaxation of people, reveals positive experience in the organization of health resort business. At the same time made excursions into the history, economy, culture of the whole country. The article tells about the links between Czechoslovakia and the Soviet Union.
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Karlovy vary is famous Spa resort in the Czech Republic. Located in the picturesque valley of the Tepla river, 120 km West of Prague.
The Spa building is located in a narrow valley on the slopes of the surrounding mountains, amidst dense greenery of coniferous and deciduous forests. From the hills, the pressures on the resort with breathtaking views of the General panorama of the city-resort. Karlovy vary is one of the oldest resorts in Europe. The official date of its opening is 1358 In 1958, the resort celebrated its 600th anniversary.
The resort is located at an altitude of 380 m above sea level. The foothill climate, moderately wet, a relatively cool. Spring is long, the summer is short and hot, autumn is warm, the sun, winter is mild. The average temperature in may is +12,1°, in June +15,5°, in July +17,3°, in August + 16,4°, in September +13o, the coldest month of January is -2 degrees. The average annual temperature is +7,6 degrees. Annual precipitation is about 620 mm
Mineral springs, created the Karlovy vary international fame, was used by the population long before the official opening of the resort. The first analysis of the chemical composition of the springs made in 1874 D. Becher, in their subsequent repeatedly reiterated L. Fresenius. Water sources according to the physical-chemical composition refers to the type of thermal, hydro carbonate-sulphate-sodium. All 12 sources used now, are similar and differ only by water temperature (42-72,2 degrees) and the concentration of carbon dioxide (from 0.37 0.75 g/l). The rate of sources is very high - about 3 000 000 liters per day, 90% of the total flow rate gives gushing hot geyser spring is (Sprudel). He goes on the right Bank Warm and hits from the ground powerful fountain with a height of 12 M. the Formula of a chemical composition of water of this source:
the formula of the chemical composition of the water of the spring is (Sprudel)
Water Mill source contains small quantities of radon. The formula of a chemical composition of water of this source:
the formula of the chemical composition of the water Mill source
Mineral water sources are used mainly for drinking cures and for baths, bathing in swimming pools, irrigation, inhalation, rinse, intestinal (subaqueous baths), and so on Water Mill source is bottled and just as famous carlsbad salt, evaporated from sources that are widely exported outside of the resort. Water from this source is used for preparation of coniferous, carbon dioxide, radon, oxygen and other baths. Mineral water other sources (Garden, Vaclav, Rock and other) is only used for drinking treatment.
The resort is widely used peat-mud treatment. Ferrous peat for these purposes are imported from the resort Frantiskovy Lazne. Along with balneotherapy and mud therapy in Karlovy vary is applied diet therapy, physiotherapy and exercise therapy. Kind of paththat is used for the treatment of patients dosed walking, is in Karlovy vary along special paths, stretching more than 200 km. They laid on the slopes of the woods, warmly decorated and usually lead to the most beautiful or interesting places of the resort: "deer leap"to the monument to Peter the great, to the tower of "Friendship", etc. For the convenience of patients in different places of the resort is constructed cable cars. There are four large comfortable bathrooms building, drinking gallery, sanatoriums, boarding houses, hotels, resort clinic for the treatment of ambulatory patients.
In the resort city has a theatre, local lore Museum, arts gallery, Philharmonic hall, numerous monuments to outstanding figures of science and art, treated in Karlovy vary. Here are periodically held the traditional international film festivals.
In the beautiful surroundings of the resort are medieval castles, porcelain and glass factories with their exhibitions, impressive magnificence of porcelain and glass, and other objects for sightseeing. Thanks to the convenient transport routes (rail, air, magnificent highway) Karlovy vary annually visited by a huge number of tourists.
Indications: diseases of liver, biliary tract and pancreas, chronic hepatitis, angioholity in the absence of frequent exacerbations and without the effects of jaundice; cholelithiasis, except for forms, complicated by infection, with frequent exacerbations or cause the necessity of surgical intervention; chronic pancreatitis (except tuberculous) in the absence of frequent exacerbations, accompanied by pain phenomena; chronic diseases of stomach and intestines, including saying disease stomach and duodenal ulcers in remission or damped acute, chronic enteritis and colitis, tility, sigmoidit except ulcers, parasitic, tuberculosis and chronic dysentery; metabolic diseases - diabetes (mild form), gout, obesity , etc.
From the mineral springs of the USSR similar Karlovy vary are the sources resorts Jermuk Armenia, Isti-su in Azerbaijan and Zheleznovodsk in the North Caucasus. Therapy methods and results of treatment at these resorts do not differ from those in Karlovy vary.

Do not be alarmed if you see around DiCaprio old people wishing to take his autograph and to drink a Cup of healing water, or a jet of hot water, which shoots up to 12 meters. And maybe you're the lucky one who first will find boiler, warming the biggest geyser in the Czech Republic, near which, according to legend, settled gnomes. All this is one of the most visited resorts in Europe - Karlovy vary. For the most part, I come here to treat languid wounds of the body, but in no case do not think that this is the end of a visit to this magnificent place. Brass bands, waltz, fine dining outside in conjunction with splendid architecture never get tired of even the most demanding tourist.

The atmosphere of peace and serenity. Around one wooded mountains and peaceful environment. This is one of the 34 health resorts of the Czech Republic, and perhaps the most famous - Karlovy vary. Here you can see along with the elderly who come from all over the world, the most famous people in the world, ranging from actors and ending with the athletes. But they are overshadowed by miraculous healings from various diseases due to the special properties of water in these places...

The name of this resort was given in honor of the Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, Charles Luxembourg, which during the next hunt the deer found a village with a geyser. Subsequently, he often came to this place to heal my aching feet. In Karlovy vary, many medical sources and one strong - Becherovka, famous liqueur. Local residents, sophisticated, tell their grandchildren interesting tales about how long ago one of the largest geysers dwarves installed boiler. He reached a very large even from the point of view of a person. Now the fire is constantly maintained to this day. This geyser, entitled "thermal spring", shoots hot steam under the ceiling of the Palace, built specially for him. Sometimes these shots reach ten meters, which is the norm. Earlier in the 19th century the area around the source, was guarded by young girls and sold sage for incoming people, explaining that from the local water port of teeth, but if to RUB them, grass, your smile will not be frightened children. But it before and now geyser stands as a landmark, and the people they are trying to find water in a specially designated cranes.

Previously treated with an enviable stubbornness. In the morning, Spa visitor, he stuffed his pockets with leaves of chestnut in one pocket, and with each drank a Cup of healing water were shifted leaf in another pocket, but for more advanced to clothes was attached dial, which moved the arrow. In earlier times, for effective treatment of patients administered mineral baths, sitting in them for several hours, and sometimes weeks. Skin from such an amount of time in the water cracked, and through the cracks left disease, as did the doctors. And only then began to take water inside. Some enthusiasts poured himself to forty liters per day! In Karlovy vary often rains, but it in no way spoil the water, because the sources prudent lined with colonnades. Previously, near one of the Geysers was standing bronze monument to Gagarin, but after the "velvet revolution" took it away. Local residents, which highlighted the fact that Gagarin has more in common with heaven than water, and moved the monument close to the airport.

For many decades in Karlovy vary international film festival, through which here every year it attracts more and more celebrities. This is a sure chance to talk normally with movie stars, who doesn't miss even the President of the Czech Republic. Yes and vacationers below grade not mind to take pictures and talk to the heroes of different movies. But that in no case do not obscure the main purpose of the trip almost every Spa guests at this place enjoy a cozy atmosphere and to treat their old wounds.