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  • Treatment in Truskavets
  • Truskavets - drinking and balneological resort of the Ukrainian Republic. Is located in 100 km from Lviv. Truskavets is situated in a picturesque hilly area in the foothills of the Carpathians at a height of 400 m above sea level. Near the resort flow of mountain rivers. Extensive old Park, which houses the sources, completes the picturesque portrait of the landscape.
    Truskavets as a Spa resort famous since 1827, but the real fame and well-deserved reputation it got later, when there were open sources of drinking Maria, Naftusia and Sofia. Currently in Truskavets operated 13 sources of mineral water of them for internal use were available for 6 sources.
    The pride of the resort is the source Naftusya № 1. The observation of many years and reviews of patients showed that the water source has excellent healing properties. In its chemical composition it is low-mineralized hydrocarbonate-calcium-magnesium water with small traces of iron and lithium. The mystery of the healing properties of the water has been solved, when it was determined that it contains organic matter - bitumen, Hominy and others - in the amount of about 30 mg/L. There is reason to believe that this concentration and successful combination of various organic substances and give water Naftusya medicinal properties.
    Characteristic of water Naftusya № 1:

    Water Naftusya has strong diuretic properties, stimulates bile production and biliary excretion, it is successfully used for kidney stones, urine acid diathesis, gout, cholelithiasis, as well as other diseases of the liver and biliary tract.
    In the resort there are also more highly mineralized chloride-sulphate-sodium water (Fig. 6).
    Source № 2 (former Sofia). Feature:

    The water source is used inside in chronic gastritis, atony intestines, diseases of the pancreas and colitis. For inhalation often used chloride-sulphate-sodium-calcium water of spring # 3 (former Bronislaw).
    The resort also applies salt Barbara, which raids!! from chloride-sulphate-sodium water with mineralization above 350 g/L. Salt Barbara is used for the treatment of diseases of liver, bilious ways, in atony bowel and habitual constipation.

    Fig. 6. The mineral water pump room. The Resort Truskavets.

    The resort Truskavets is situated in Western Ukraine on the territory of Lviv region, 100 km to the South, Lviv, through which he lived is connected by railway (Fig. 1) and highways. The resort has a direct railway communication with Moscow via Lviv and Kyiv. 6 km to the West of the resort, Borislav, and 5 km to the East - Stebnitskiy potash plant.

    geographic location of the resort Truskavets
    Fig. 1. Geographic location of the resort Truskavets.
    Minerals such as under: 1 - Shidnishe; 2 - Morshyn

    In Truskavets spread very diverse types of underground mineral (medicinal) water used both for internal, and for external treatment methods. This "drinking" resort, as it is called by the doctors, the treatment of which is carried out mainly with the help of drinking mineral waters. The main medicinal water of the resort is famous mineral spring water "Naftusya" № 1, characterized by diverse effects on the human body. It has a vigorous diuretic and choleretic action and is used in diseases of the kidneys, liver, metabolic disorders, neurohumoral system. "Naftusya" is the water, original in its chemical composition and physical properties and unique physiological effects on the human body. The complex used here therapies, in addition to mineral water, a great place ozokeritotherapy. It gives positive results in peptic ulcer, diseases of liver and biliary tract, urological diseases, arthritis, affection of peripheral nerve trunks and other
    Before the reunion of the Western regions of Ukraine in one of the Soviet Ukrainian Republic Truskavets essentially was a little-known resort of local importance, despite its more than a century of existence. As noted by I. I. Markov and A. C. Chatyrko (1969), while the benefits of it was used by merchants, landlords, big capitalists and government officials, wide layers of the workers resort was unavailable. In the 60-ies of the last century the resort was treated 700-800 per season, by the late 90's to 2000, and before the first world war up to 4,500 people. Constantly show interest in the resort forced its owners to do landscaping of the city economy. These works negligible volumes have been started in the 90-ies of the last century. In 1912, Truskavets was connected by rail to, Drohobych. Since 1935 treatment at the resort has become a year-round, and in 1938 the number of treated it reached 17 thousand people. But only after the reunification of Western Ukraine with the East began the present development of the resort. Private boarding houses and hotels were abolished and instead formed several public health centers, which could be treated representatives of all population groups and nationalities of our country. Simultaneously were conducted extensive work on the improvement of the resort.
    Hitler's Germany attacked the Motherland interrupted these activities. For the period of the temporary occupation of Western Ukraine by the Nazis destroyed communal services of the resort, plundered and taken out of sanatoriums, medical equipment, furniture, paintings, carpets, and from the sanatorium "Crystal Palace" and crystal. But it did not last long domination Nazi invaders on our land. on 6 August 1944, Soviet troops liberated the area of Truskavets from German-fascist invaders and the rest of the war in the former sanatorium of the resort were built hospitals for the soldiers of the Soviet Army.
    After the second world war, the Soviet state has released substantial allocations for the restoration of buildings destroyed resorts and urban Affairs, and later for the new construction. As a result of this old sanatorium were not only restored, but also greatly expanded, built new - "named after 50 anniversary of October", "Prykarpattya", Truskavets and others, Built a new pump room of mineral waters, the plant for bottling of mineral water, a water reservoir for the supply of the resort of drinking and technical water, spring water at simultaneous delivery of 80 baths, ozokeritolechenie, a branch of the Odessa research Institute of balneology, Spa hall (1,000 seats), several cinemas, hotels, public catering enterprises, expanded sales network, implemented large housing construction.
    Simultaneously with the development of the resort increased and the number of treated in its sanatoriums. Thus, while in 1950 it was about 54 thousand people, in 1960 increased to 97 thousand people, and in 1970 to 238 thousand people.
    The popularity of the resort is great and every year increases. Along with citizens of the European part of the USSR come here to be treated herders and geologists from the far Chukotka, fishermen of Kamchatka, oil from Sakhalin and from the distant Arctic, loggers to the Far East and Eastern Siberia, cotton growers from Central Asia and pastoralists from Kazakhstan. Come to improve their health in Truskavets workers of the adjacent socialist countries - Hungary, Poland, German Democratic Republic, Bulgaria. Visit the resort and our friends from far Mongolia.
    In 1968 in Truskavets work began on radical improvement of water supply, Sewerage, cultural and health care. In the coming years should be built: new children's sanatorium, health resort for invalids of the great Patriotic war and labour, the mother and child sanatorium, several departmental sanatoria of various ministries, medical building of the city hospital, library of 100 thousand volumes, a sports school, home life, significant funds will be spent on the construction of housing at the resort.
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