Staphylococcal infections (control and prevention)

The problem of struggle with staphylococcal infections remains one of the most actual in modern medicine. Staphylococcus affecting many organs and tissues, a growing number of diseases that they cause. No wonder aureus called "the microbe number one". About the struggle with staphylococcal diseases at the present stage it is told in the monograph, which is designed for all those interested in problems of Microbiology and epidemiology.


At the same time with a pronounced reduction or even the elimination of many infectious diseases in our country, but also in the developed countries of Europe and America in recent decades, almost everywhere there is a significant growth of staphylococcal disease. Even described their epidemic outbreaks in surgical and obstetric departments. This cannot but cause alarm.
The discovery of antibiotics have created a new era in medicine. To a great extent was increased the chance of successful treatment of many infectious diseases. However, faith in the powerful action of antibiotics has led to the " antibiotic bacchanalia"when antibiotics have been used without proper to that testimony. This and some other reasons have led to the emergence of antibiotic-resistant microbes.
Antibiotic resistance is particularly rapidly in ubiquitary microbes - organisms, which are ubiquitous and have acquired over thousands of years the ability to adapt to adverse conditions of environment. These microbes is aureus, which in the pre-antibiotic era did not cause serious disease, and now leads a very severe disease, often result in fatalities.
"Staphylococcus aureus is the enemy number one writes Vic-DuPont, Professor, University of Paris.- He endured all the battles with sulfanilamidami and antibiotics. Now, as 25 years ago, Streptococcus killed by penicillin. But aureus can withstand any medicine."


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