First aid in case of accident

Despite comprehensive preventive measures undertaken by the bodies of traffic police, transportation Ministry, medical and other organizations, there is still a large number of road traffic accidents and accidents on the road. Safety on the roads and in fleets depends on strict observance of rules of safety and traffic, discipline and moral qualities not only the concrete person, but of many direct and indirect participants of the road traffic (drivers, pedestrians, managers, business leaders, and others). In addition, on road safety in different regions of the country may have adverse impact of climatic, geographical and other conditions. This increases the role of the personal qualities of the participants of traffic, from the degree of professionalism of drivers and ending with the preparation of any person to a critical situation and assistance to victims.
An accident on road transport can occur in any situation, sometimes far from the settlement where it is not possible to expect fast qualified medical aid. Yes and if the road traffic accident in the city failure to provide immediate first aid before the arrival of the doctors could aggravate the condition of the victim and even lead to death. Therefore, drivers, traffic police, passengers, pedestrians, eyewitnesses of the incident must first aid and, if possible, to facilitate the status of the victim.
First aid - the simplest set of urgent measures to save human life, and prevent complications, which was held at the scene of the victim (self-help) or other people nearby (mutual assistance). Its goal is to stop the action of damaging factors, to eliminate the phenomena that threaten life, prevent further injury and possible complications, to alleviate the suffering of the victim and to transport it in a medical institution (if you cannot call "ambulance"). To perform these tasks do not have deep special knowledge, we need only to know and be able to perform basic methods and techniques.
People in distress, is counting on your help. Justify his hopes!