Vision and sport

Dear friends! This section will tell you how to maintain and improve your eyesight.
A person perceives and knows the surrounding world with the help of touch, smell, taste, hearing and sight. However, their value is not equal. So, taste and smell allow us to judge only on items that touch directly. We have the ability to sense within a few feet smell, hear the thunder for a few kilometers. But the vision in our life is special. At least 80 % of the perceptions of the external world, we have received through the eye. They allow us not only to admire the beauty of the morning or the perfection of the flower, but to know the world - from the smallest viruses (through microscopes) to giant stellar systems (through telescopes).
The organ of vision is quite a complex machine. It even can be compared with a camera, while the eye is arranged much more difficult. It has a system of lenses (cornea, moisture front camera, lens, vitreous body) and film - retin-a, where a rather complex photochemical processes have currents that are transmitted along the optic paths cortical centers back of the brain.
Civilization has given our eyes huge load. Already with the 3-5 years old children begin to read. Then at school, in the Institute... and perhaps now you can find occupation, which would not have required a vision. This fully applies to physical culture and sports.
Very often you and your parents when selecting the type of sports do not take into account the status of view, although sporting achievements related to its functions. For example, classes for wrestling, weightlifting, skating, figure skating, swimming, boating, tourism, with a small decrease in vision possible. But there are sports where the decrease is dangerous, for example, horse riding, sailing, jumping in water. Classes artistic gymnastics, acrobatics, certain types of athletics, figure skating, fencing, shooting, tennis, volleyball, basketball valid with the use of corrective glasses. And Boxing, football, all kinds of wrestling, hockey, water Polo, mountain climbing is not compatible with the use of glasses.
On the other hand, dosed physical activity often contributes to the development of the eye, prevents disease.
In each case, to correctly determine your level of view and to advise sport can only ophthalmologist. It is important that you, the young athletes, came to a consultation with a parent or coach. The doctor more fully learn about the nature of the loads, the mode of the day, etc., and then will be able to give the right advice and guidance.
Guys, you know that the education of harmoniously developed person, with a strong knowledge, high moral qualities, is impossible without regular physical training and sports. Today no one disputes the value of the traffic in human life.
Eloquently testifies lifestyle Century I. Lenin. All who knew him intimately, recalled that Vladimir Ilyich, despite his enormous employment, never had a day without exercise, poured cold water, well swam, went on skiing, riding Bicycle, skating, made long trips.
Features of the modern life conditions, the rapid pace of development of science and technology, modernization of the educational and labour processes, the growth of the information presented for your body high requirements. However your still not fully formed body is not always able to adequately respond to the educational overload, lack of physical activity. This leads to functional disorders, and then to the disease, including in body.
Not accidentally, in "the Main directions of the reforms in secondary school" pays special attention to organizing the daily activities of all students in physical culture lessons, in the mode of the day outside school hours (gymnastics to lessons, physical training "minutes", movable change, hours of active rest in the air, and so on), on improving the operation of youth sports schools.
In section highlights the issues and the mode of the day of the student, of the conditions for its study, rest, nutrition, rehabilitation.
Doctors proved that health is largely suffers from the fact that we are not used to take care of it. You should know your body, the functioning of its organs and thus avoid many diseases and injuries, should take care of their health.
We hope that the young athletes, and parents, teachers, and coaches, after reading this section, proficiently use the information it contains and recommendations.

  • How does our organ of sight
  • Visual function
  • The main causes of eye disorders and ways of their prevention
  • Eye injury is the cause of misery
  • Eye burns
  • Eye injuries in the home and sports
  • Help with eye injury
  • Rational mode of the day - the guarantee of preservation of good vision
  • How to equip a workplace
  • Lighting of the workplace
  • Nutrition and vision
  • About the enemies of your health
  • Alcohol
  • Smoking
  • Drug addiction

  • Diseases of the eye and active movement
  • The minimum age for employment of children and adolescents in various sports and their admission to competitions
  • The norms set by the TRP
  • The main indications and contraindications to the practice of individual sports
  • Hardening
  • Medical examination
  • Currently, more guys soon begin to do sports, and with the growth of skill increases the volume and intensity of the activity as during training and during the competition. In these conditions your body, including the body of view, must adapt to the physical and psycho-emotional loads that normally grow, develop, and physically to improve. Otherwise you can call and overload of the organism as a whole, and visual disturbances.
    Many of you know the beautiful Opera P. I. Tchaikovsky's "Iolanta". It is a kind of anthem of our eyes. Let us recall the following words:
    Wonderful gift of nature eternal,
    A priceless gift, and Holy,
    It is the source of endless
    Enjoying the beauty...

    The famous German physicist, Helmholtz wrote: "of all the human senses eyes have always been recognized the best gift and a wonderful piece of creative power of nature". Watch the eyes!