Infertility in marriage

The monograph is devoted to the problem of infertility. It discusses possible causes of this disease posed by both spouses. In the monograph is given a special Chapter about the methods of dealing with sperm on the basis of which one can judge about the qualitative state of the ejaculate. The stated characteristics of normospermic, the characteristics of individual pathological forms of ejaculate.
In the section on the causes of female infertility and methods of its diagnostics, an important attention is paid to some new methods of examination. In the monograph explained the concept of relative infertility"given the immunological basis of fertility and infertility, dismantled several acceptable methods for the diagnosis of this pathology.
The monograph is meant for obstetrician-gynecologists, especially doctors antenatal clinics, urologists, venereologists and laboratory doctors.


Over the last decade in the study of infertility has made significant progress in connection with the implementation of new functional tests. At the same time, for many years a study of sperm produced primitive by the procedure established several decades ago. The successful study of the question of pathology sperm in recent years contributed to the joint development of his doctors and veterinarians.
Unfortunately, monographs on this important issue in the world literature unit. Released Voronezh University is a small edition of the monograph by M. A. Kunin "a Study of sperm in a sterile marriage" is very rapidly and completely dispersed. Held in Voronezh obstetric-gynecologic clinic for further investigations allowed the author to learn more about the problem of spermatology. In this regard, we think it timely publication of the book M. A. Kunin "Infertility in marriage".
The monograph highlights the key criteria by which to judge the fertilizing capacity of ejaculate, provides an assessment of existing techniques of study of sperm, some new, practically important research methods ejaculate. Of great interest are histochemical detection of DNA in the heads of sperm.
The most important and interesting in our opinion, the Chapter on the relative infertility. The possibility of infertile marriages in the absence of organic lesions of the spouses has been known for a long time, but in recent years this issue has taken on a new light due to the development of immunology. The monograph presents methods of diagnosis immunologically inconsistencies between spouses, called by the author "immunological conflict". Described methods of intradermally, microagglutination and precipitation in the gel.
Thus, this monograph gives a fairly complete account of the modern theory of the sperm. The big advantage is that almost all of these research methods are tested and used by the author in clinical practice. The publication of this book we have tried to make a contribution to the development of issues of spermatology.
Doctor of medical Sciences, honored scientist of the RSFSR, Professor C. A. Pokrovsky

Table of contents

Chapter I. the Development of spermatology and the concept of a "sterile marriage"
Chapter II. Physiology of sperm
Chapter III. The methods of the study of ejaculate
Chapter IV. Pathological forms of ejaculate
Chapter V. Male infertility due to disorders of the act eruption of ejaculate (Aspirmatic)
Chapter VI. Assessment of the fertilizing capacity of ejaculate
Chapter VII. Relative sterility (infertility in marriage for no apparent reason)
Chapter VIII. Classification qualities of sperm and causes of infertility