Fundamentals of oral hygiene

Personal oral hygiene is one of the most simple, accessible and mass forms of prevention of dental diseases. However, its implementation requires specific knowledge about the structure and properties of the applied dental powders, pastes, elixirs, about their effect on teeth and tissues of parodentium, about the role of medical-prophylactic toothpaste in the complex of therapeutic and preventive actions.
In the section below describes the results of investigation of dental hygiene products described objective methods of their quality assessment and action on the tissues of the oral cavity. On the basis of generalization of literature data, own experimental studies and clinical observations, the authors make a compelling materials about the preventive role of oral hygiene, about the effectiveness of treatment-and-prophylactic toothpaste and elixirs in the complex of therapeutic and preventive actions, and provide specific recommendations for doctors on the use of various means of hygiene of an oral cavity.
The edition is intended for dentists, hygienists, researchers, assistants and workers of the dental faculties and institutes.
Section contains 32 figure 43 tables, bibliography - 516 names.

Table of contents

The main recommendations for the care of oral cavity