The influence of climate on human health

In section describes a new method of impact assessment on the human body climate and weather conditions of the European territory of the former USSR and the Caucasus. The attention of the visitor is offered the option of zoning of the territory by favourable climatic conditions and tourism in different seasons.

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  • What to evaluate: climate or weather?
  • What kind of weather is favourable and to what extent, for summer holidays and tourism
  • Average conditions of summer holidays and their variability
  • Popular leisure - leisure on the water
  • In the warm season on different water bodies
    Look where and how long you can swim.
  • Baltic sea
  • Azov and the Black sea
  • Coast of the Caspian sea

  • Sunlight also heals (heliotherapy)
  • Mountains and rest
  • The climate is mountain and winter sports
  • Zoning of the country for recreation and tourism
  • The climate and the rest
  •  The whole complex meteorological 
     factors affect the body, 
     affected by the weather as a whole, but the individual 
     factors may play a crucial role.
    P. G. Mizernitski

    It is said that the weather is one of the oldest yet most pressing and apparently inexhaustible those conversations. When tourism, traveling at rest, for the sport and for treatment is always the question is about the weather. And only themselves whether traveling interested in it?
    Whether to assess a specified weather, or enough to be guided climatic averages? What are the methods of assessment of the positive and negative impacts of weather on people? Universal whether these estimates under different kinds of holiday activity? For example, for those who are under sails sails the waters of the Baltic sea, sunbathing and swimming on one of the beaches of Jurmala or goes skiing with steep slopes in the famous Caucasian Terskol? The same whether the weather is comfortable (very favorable), uncomfortable (adverse precluding the conduct of these studies)?
    The goal usually vacationers one is the best use of the long-awaited time for recovery, hardening, strengthening their health, to disconnect from everyday work and life, to satisfy curiosity, to indulge in attracting non-service training.
    This so-called vacationers prefer relatively sedentary leisure: they are justified, for example, on the lake where you can fish, go boating, to swim, sunbathe, walk in the nearby forest for berries and mushrooms. Other tourists are more mobile, they go in summer on foot or in winter skiing in the valleys and through the mountain passes or cover long distances on kayaks, rafts, enjoying water slalom on the mountain rivers and other Vacationers are those who vouchers spend their holidays in rest homes, boarding houses and so on, They walk or travel times on trips more often by bus or water to explore the monuments of nature, history, places of historical events etc.
    On this and many more questions will be answered this section is intended for anyone who wants to understand the issues of bioklimatologie person - quite a difficult branches of applied climatology. One of the important tasks of bioklimatologie man - evaluation of weather and climate for the rapidly developing sectors of our economy, planning and service Spa treatment, recreation and tourism (as they say, recreational activities) in our country. Bioclimatic submissions and assessments necessary for organizers of a holiday in charge of the placement and operation of very extensive and diverse network: sanatoriums, boarding houses, houses and bases of rest, tourist hotels, mountaineering camps. They are needed also for those who are tourism and climbing routes with their difficulties encountered during different seasons of hazards (debris flows - mudflows, snow avalanches, dust storms, floods, sudden drops in temperature, rainfall, storm winds etc). Interested in them and doctors, dosing in the resorts swimming, sun and air baths, therapeutic components of the rules of the day for different categories of patients, as well as those who plan and builds sanatoriums, health resorts, sportler and is engaged in planting and watering their territories, as well as improvement of the beaches, sport trails, campsites and motels.
    Naturally, and organized themselves, and "wild" vacationers and tourists have a great curiosity climatic and weather conditions, which they encounter in their season vacation activities. The number of tourists of different categories increases more rapidly.
    Currently in the Soviet Union the number of sanatoria, rest houses, tourist bases (without day) for recreation, tourism, sanatorium treatment exceeds 12 thousand, and the number of places in them about 1.9 million, the Volume of tourist services in 1976 has already exceeded 1 billion rubles This calls for a more serious scientific basis for planning current and future development of the recreational sector of the economy. And it is largely seasonal. Therefore, cannot do without climate assessments and zoning.
    We consider this article as a natural continuation of the previously published section "Nature and our health", which looks at the impact of individual meteorological elements, climatic background and weather types in the human body, and also refers to the estimates on this basis opportunities practice those or other kinds of tourism and recreation. Further detailed questions of bioklimatologie person is quite timely, as the growth of free time, income, cultural level and mobility of the population leads to an increase in the number of resort and tourist areas, located in a variety of geographical and climatic conditions. In these areas there is an increasing need to meet the increasing demands of visitors in respect of comfort housing, landscaping, urban planning, recreation areas, equipment (e.g. cable-chair roads, funiculars and other) and sports equipment, as growing a variety of exercise activities. Because recently we have not heard about, for example, water skiing and Windsurfing. Snorkeling and Luge got the "rights of citizenship" not too long ago. And for all these activities require because of their specialized assessment of weather conditions, the state of the water basin, the earth's surface.
    Promotes the development of recreation and tourism increasing concentration of population in large cities. So, in the European territory of the USSR, where 72% of the population, in 1976, in the cities with population over 500 thousand people lived more than 19% of the population. And, as you know, citizens, even very loving urban lifestyle, from time to time need to preserve the health and work to go to the country.
    "Big city and virgin nature - it is like the two poles of the modern biosphere is equally" (Rodoman, 1974, C. 154). Liquidation of oxygen starvation, ultraviolet failure, greater physical mobility, disconnect from the noise of the city bustle, service and habitual acts and thoughts in a variety of holiday activities in natural or resort atmosphere have (in a relatively short period of time) calming and at the same time, tonic and training body action. Of course, if the place of rest corresponds to the natural and climatic conditions, as well as quality of service, age, health and needs of the guests.
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