Syphilis (clinic and treatment)

Chapter I. the Infection and the General nature of the disease syphilis
Chapter II. Primary syphilis
Chapter III. Secondary syphilis
Chapter IV. Tertiary syphilis
Chapter V. lesions of the nervous system in early and late syphilis
Chapter VI. Detection of syphilis, failure to diagnose
Chapter VII. The main means of treatment of syphilis
Chapter VIII. Intravenous and intramuscular injection. Complications associated with the technique of execution
Chapter IX. Principles and methods of treatment of syphilis
Chapter X. the Treatment of syphilis penicillin
Chapter XI. Criteria curable and forecast in syphilis

The social conditions of the Soviet state ensure the successful fight against sexually transmitted diseases. Success in this struggle is achieved by better and faster than the more correct form a system for the prevention and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases in health care. The Soviet health care before the second world war had many achievements in the fight against syphilis. Morbidity throughout the country were given the extremely low figures.
The temporary occupation of our country during the great Patriotic war led to the outbreak of venereal disease, which to date successfully liquidated. However, the consequences of the outbreak is still affecting me. Many patients during the war were treated badly or not passed the course of treatment. These bad or very sick patients syphilis can cause late lesions of the nervous system and internal organs. To prevent these heavy and difficult reversible disease, identify, recognize, and complete the treatment of such patients is the task of all medical network.
The party and the Soviet government put before the medical network task on the elimination of sexually transmitted diseases in the country. This task requires a correct organizational forms, knowledge clinic and treatment of syphilis.
This book seeks to remind doctors basis detection, clinic and treatment of syphilis. During the war, new means and methods of treatment, which was not yet spread. This issue in brief, accessible to every doctor shape and expounded in this book.
This edition provides a succinct summary of the large number of questions. The author's task is facilitated by the fact that
Recently published several books, devoted to the specific sections of the doctrine of syphilis. The questions of recognition and treatment of congenital or acquired syphilis in children set forth in the book of M. of M. Ritz. Laboratory methods for the detection of syphilis well treated in the book of K. R. astvatsaturova. Spinal the " dryness " is devoted to M. S. of Margulis. The author does not set itself the task to outline the organization of the prevention and treatment of syphilis. These issues are covered in the book Century I. Arutyunov.
Some materials, the reader will find in a methodical letters of the Ministries of health of the USSR and the RSFSR, and also in the "Instructions and schemes of treatment of syphilis, gonorrhoea and soft chancre," published in 1948 under the editorship of Professor C. I. Arutyunov
Given the lack of familiarity of most doctors to issues of recognition and early treatment of neurosyphilis, the author was attracted to writing this Chapter, a specialist neurologist, Century Robustova working on these issues for over 25 years.
In the present book provides an overview of visceral syphilis is a question that relates more to the competence of specialists-therapists. The purpose is to remind the doctor about the need for detailed somatic examination of each patient with syphilis, the need to take into account found specific destruction of internal organs in the appointment of treatment. The need for this information was caused by the fact that on this issue the book "Visceral syphilis", edited by C. M. Kogan-Clear was published relatively small circulation in 1939, and now practical doctor is not always able to get this book.
The author would consider his task fulfilled if this work will help the physicians to recognize and treat syphilis and will contribute to the successful, rapid elimination of syphilis in our country.