Medicinal mineral waters and their domestic application

Internal use of mineral water with curative intent has an old history. Especially this method is widely spread in recent years, when the mineral water were used not only resorts, but also in non-resort atmosphere.
On the territory of the USSR explored more than 3000 various sources of mineral water. Among them are world-famous water, as essentukskoe saline-alkaline # 4 and 17, the Zheleznovodsk (Slavyanovskaya, Smirnovskaya), batalinskaya, Kislovodsk narzans, Borjomi in Georgia, Arzni and Jermuk Armenia, isti-su in Azerbaijan, Naftusia in Truskavets (USSR), and other
The main source for this manual has served as the research of the Pyatigorsk Institute of balneology and physiotherapy. Used materials on this issue developed in other resorts and research institutes.
Despite the huge flow of work covering the various water on a variety of physiological functions and painful process, many issues internal use of mineral waters is not yet lit. There is no clear differentiation of indications for internal use of mineral waters. Poorly-informed doctors and about the relative value of different mineral waters, their specific and therapeutic action.
Drinking mineral water is widely spread, but other methods of its internal use - washing stomach, transduodenal washing, rectal administration methods of mineral water and others - is still little known and poorly used, despite their high efficiency.
The present work aims at systematizing the accumulated facts and to give practical guidance on use of mineral therapeutic waters directly from the sources, and in non-resort atmosphere.
Great attention is paid to the mechanism of physiological and therapeutic actions of mineral waters. Knowledge of these mechanisms will provide an opportunity to consciously change and enrich the standard methods for internal use of the healing waters and critically evaluate the results. Of special interest period aftereffect, when the organism having a new rhythm of physiological processes and compensatory mechanisms.
Describes the most effective therapeutic complexes in which internal use of mineral water is complemented and enhanced by the combination of balneo-physio-therapeutic procedures.
Great attention is paid to assessment of the comparative physiological and therapeutic actions of mineral waters of different composition.
Such arrangements will facilitate the identification by analogy therapeutic value of newly discovered mineral waters, and most importantly, will help to choose from the huge amount of water is most effective when. each disease.
In section provides indications and contraindications to the internal use of mineral waters and peculiarities of treatment of the most common diseases of the digestive tract, urinary tract and metabolism.
In the present work there is no possibility to comprehensively cover all the issues internal use of mineral waters, but we hope that the cited provisions and recommendations will be useful to a wide range of doctors.
Authors will be grateful for all remarks and suggestions that will make readers.

Internal use of mineral waters for diseases of the stomach