Medical aspects of marriage

In section highlights the issues of sex education, which, unfortunately, until now reflected only in the medical literature.
Meanwhile, interest in literature this kind of obvious. Young people want to get an answer to numerous questions, and get it sometimes nowhere. Not all parents can implicitly to share with the younger children, even those knowledge by themselves.
Not every young man or woman will be able to overcome his shyness and go to a doctor. Hence numerous errors, and sometimes real tragedy.


In our country there are all necessary conditions for strengthening and prosperity of the family. Steadily increasing material well-being of citizens, improving the living and cultural living conditions. The state pays great attention to the protection and promotion of motherhood, to ensure a happy childhood.
A major responsibility of the family is the Communist education of the younger generation, the development of his physical and spiritual strength. The task of harmonious development of personality can only be solved with the proper education of children and adolescents.
Sex education is inseparable from the General education and plays a significant role in creating a healthy, strong families, but some believe the conversation on sexual topics immoral, interference in the private life. Meanwhile ignorance in matters of sexuality and medical aspects of marriage is often a source of conflict, the cause of discord in the family.
This is what prompted the author to try in popular form to cover some issues related to marriage, family and sexuality.
In section provides some statistics on marriage in the USSR, tells about the new law on marriage and family, highlights of infertility, harmful effects of abortion and alcoholism. Great attention is paid to the causes, prevention and treatments of impotence, sexual coldness women. Recommendations on sexual education.
The author of the Chapter for many years is specialized reception in one of the clinics. Having a great practical experience, it is in a popular form gives the answers to the questions most often asked at the reception. Considering the publication of timely, we hope that it will contribute to making the right decisions when creating a new family.
The author is far from the idea that he was able to comprehensively cover all the problems connected with the medical aspects of marriage, and welcomes criticism and suggestions.

Young people should remember that you should not marry without love. It is necessary to first check the seriousness of their feelings - not by taking a simple desire for love. Only libido is a bad basis for a joint life. The conditions necessary for the normal sexual relations, are created in the atmosphere of mutual love and deep respect.
In conclusion I would like to remind the words of A. S. Makarenko, who said that certain moral is sexual life, "which is based on mutual love and which is manifested in the family, i.e. in the open civil Union men and women, the Union, which has two objectives: human happiness and the birth and upbringing of children" *.

* Makarenko A. S. Compositions. So 4. M., 1951, S. 408.